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If you’re looking for accessories that give your look maximum impact with minimum effort, FX contacts are a great option. Whether it’s for HalloweenCosplay or even a night on the town, our range of sfx contact lenses has a pair that will leave you fluttering your lashes with pride. 

If you’re not very familiar with cosmetic contact lenses, you might be wondering what FX contact lenses are, or what they do. It’s simple really, special effect contact lenses are simply any cosmetic lenses that provide the wearer with an effect that changes the look of their eye in one way or another. There are so many different kinds of FX contacts to cater for any taste or occasion and at Coloured Contacts we have a diverse range to choose from. 

One of our favourite varieties of FX contacts are the mesh contact lenses. These unusual accessories completely cover the pupil and the iris, giving it a mesh-effect film that creates the illusion of a pixelated eye. These come in various colours including red contacts and white contacts, which is great news for anyone who’s looking for a specific finishing touch to a costume. The mesh variety of FX contacts looks best when coupled with a roboticAI themed Cosplay or Halloween costume; however, you can also use them as an eerie final addition to any costume or evening outfit. These mesh FX contacts are a great way to bring an edge to your look. 

FX Contacts: The Perfect Theatrical Accessory for Halloween! 

FX contacts fall firmly into the category of theatrical contact lenses, so whilst you may not feel like flaunting some special effects day-to-day, these contacts should definitely be in your fancy dress box. 

Cosplay fans are always on the look-out for new ways to bring authenticity and originality to their costumes and FX contact lenses are a cheap and simple way to do just that; giving the wearer a more sophisticated transformation than a traditional mask. If you are a Cosplay enthusiast, you may be pleased to see that our FX contacts section features several designs inspired by famous movies and TV shows including The TerminatorTwilight and The Avengers. So if you’re a Cosplayer, or you’re just looking for a seriously cool costume for this year’s Halloween party, you have to check out these awesome FX contacts

As well as meshscreen and Cosplay lenses, our FX contacts section is also bursting with UV contact lenses! These glow-in-the-dark contacts are a great way to give your eyes a show-stopping special effect when the lights go out and the great part is, with vibrant colours and designs, they still look fabulous in the daylight! As far as special effects go, the ability to bring a UV glow to your glare is a firm favourite with customers, so if you think you might like to light up the night, check out the UV styles in our FX contacts range. 

Included in our FX contacts is also an array of animal-inspired styles that use special effects to actually manipulate the pupil and give the illusion of anything from a cat eyedragon eye or even a lizard eye! Whatever creature you think you might suit, these FX contacts feature a shaped black pupil that sits directly over your own pupil, without affecting vision. 

Despite their interesting appearance, FX contacts are cleverly designed to provide complete coverage without having an impact on your vision. All of the contact lenses in our special effects section are purely cosmetic, meaning you won’t need a prescription to experiment with a new look; just make sure you visit an optician prior to purchasing to check your eye health and confirm that you are a good candidate for FX contacts

SFX Contact Lenses are Great For Fair Skin 

If you’re worried that FX contacts won’t look good on you, don’t worry! These high quality SFX contact lenses are richly pigmented with colour so they offer great coverage for dark eyes and blue eyes alike. The striking appearance of these costume contacts gives them an effect that compliments all skin tones, so they are a great option for fair skin and dark skin too. 

For several years, the FX contacts industry has been growing as demand increases rapidly. With so many fancy dress fans searching for cosmetic contact lenses, and so many companies like Freshlook and Amazon offering them, it can be hard to know where to buy FX contact lenses online. The important thing to remember when searching for your perfect pair is that they need to be safe to use and comfortable to wear, so at Coloured Contacts we pride ourselves on sourcing products from only top brands like Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT). The fact that we only stock high quality contact lenses, as well as having our friendly customer service team on hand to help, ensures that you will have a hassle-free shopping experience, so what are you waiting for? Browse our FX contacts today!