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Fans of Gothic fashion will love our selection of Gothic contact lenses, with everything from white contacts to spiral and cross designs, there’s a pair to complete every dark ensemble. 

Cosmetic contact lenses have become extremely popular not only as costume accessories but also as an alternative way to embellish your everyday look. If you’ve always wanted to try out a new look and your tastes are devilishly dark, then Gothic contact lenses are a cheap and fun way to transform your style. 

There are many different designs and colours featured in our Gothic contact lens section, giving you the freedom to customise your look. With plenty of Gothic inspired printed designs to choose from including crosseshearts and many other motifs, these freaky contact lenses are sure to catch anyone’s eye. 

Freaky Gothic Contact Lenses Suit Any Skin! 

The great thing about Gothic contact lenses is that they are incredibly versatile, not only do they look great for fair skin, but their rich pigment and great coverage means they are also perfectly designed to cover dark eyes! So if you’re naturally pale with icy blue eyes, or you have dark skin and deep brown peepers, these cosmetic contacts are a reliable way to totally transform your everyday appearance. 

Gothic contact lenses are a subtle way of completing a variety of costumes. Why not pair a chilling printed motif design of a coffin or a skull with a long black cape and become a convincing Dracula for the evening? If that doesn’t sound like your kind of spooky, get a witch-inspired style in some haunting white contacts that look authentic paired with a black hood and maybe a broomstick! 

For those that aren’t into fancy dressGothic contacts are one of just a few types of coloured contact lenses that are stylish enough to wear from day-to-day, with your favourite black dress or leather coat. 

To cater for their multi-use appeal, we sell Gothic contact lenses in a variety of wear durations. We stock single-use1 day contacts for those that want to dress up just for the night; 90 day reusable contacts for those that will be attending every costume party over the holidays; and even a 1 year reusable option for anyone who simply wants to add some Gothic glamour to their look throughout the year. 

As always, no matter what kind of Gothic contact lenses you choose, with Coloured Contacts you can rest assured that we only source cosmetic contact lenses from reputable brands including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT). All of the brands we work with use high quality, durable materials that are designed to give you a safe and comfortable wearing experience. 

Gothic Contact Lenses Without Prescription 

You may be wondering, ‘can I experiment with Gothic contact lenses if my eye-sight is normal?’ The answer is yes! All of our contact lenses (including Gothic lenses) are completely cosmetic and non-prescription, meaning you can wear any pair you choose without them affecting your vision. 

None of our contact lenses require a prescription, however it is important to remember to visit your optician or optometrist prior to purchasing so that they can check the health of your eyes and confirm that you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic contact lenses. You should continue to attend regular check ups with your optician throughout the time you are wearing the lenses. 

So if you’ve been looking for something a little more unusual to give your Gothic inspired outfits or costumes the edge, make sure you check out our full selection of Gothic contact lenses