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Are you looking for the scariest contact lenses this Halloween? Get freaky in a pair of Horror Contact Lenses!  

When it comes to creepy costumes and spooky accessories, Horror contact lenses are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to transform your look and really give your costume the edge. So whether it’s for Halloween, a Cosplay convention or even just to bring some spooky style to a night out, Horror contact lenses are a must-have accessory for any fan of frightening fashion! 

Just one of the reasons we love Horror contact lenses so much is because there is such a diverse range of colours and designs available; giving you the freedom to customise your costume with some personality and throw out that generic old Halloween mask. At Coloured Contacts we stock one of the most extensive ranges of Horror contact lenses online, with everything from traditional redwhite and black contacts, to more intricate freaky designs with printed patterns. If you want your glare to really make people tremble, you can experiment with printed designs featuring blood splatters, or pair your favourite cape with some Vampire contact lenses featuring bloodied fangs! 

Horror Contact Lenses: Freaky Halloween Accessories! 

We couldn’t possibly write about Horror contact lenses without mentioning one of the scariest varieties, the Sclera contact lenses. With extra coverage that covers the entire Sclera (white space) or the eye, these special effect contact lenses are the ultimate accessories in spooky stares. If you like to push the boundaries and want to make sure your costume is the best this year, make sure you add some Sclera Horror contact lenses to your basket. 

It’s not just about Gothic motif contacts and Sclera lenses with our Horror contact lenses though, you can also create an epically spooky outfit using some of the classic colours. Here are a few of our favourite contact lens costume pairings: 

Vampire: Red contact lenses 

Zombie: White contact lenses 

Witch: Green contact lenses 

Demon: Red, White or Black contact lenses 

If you like your costume to be a little more outside-the-box, why not unleash your inner beast with some of our animal-inspired Horror contact lenses. With everything from cat eye contacts to dragons and lizards, there’s a freaky creature for every occasion. 

The Best Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes 

One of the things that makes our Horror contact lenses so popular is because they work with any natural eye colour or skin tone. So if you’re wondering ‘what are the best contact lenses for dark eyes?’ or ‘which contact lenses are best for fair skin?’ the answer is Horror contact lenses! Because of their high quality construction and richly pigmented colour formation, these creepy contacts provide maximum coverage and give even dark eyes a silky pure coloured finish. If you really want to guarantee there will be no hint of your natural eye colour, you can even opt for a pair of Horror contacts with a printed design or Sclera contacts that will effortlessly encompass your natural eye colour. 

Whatever occasion you’re looking to flaunt your freaky Horror contact lenses for, we offer a variety of wear duration styles to cater for every use. If you simply want to use creepy contacts to finish off your Halloween costume, check out our 1 day lenses, but if you’re a regular fancy dress fan we also stock 30 day90 day and 1 year reusable designs that can be worn again and again! 

Horror contact lenses are popular amongst Cosplay fans and fancy dress goers everywhere, which is why companies like Amazon and Freshlook all offer a variety of lenses. All of these options can make it a little confusing when you’re looking to buy contact lenses online, but with a wealth of designs, friendly customer care team and 20 years of experience, Coloured Contacts should be your one-stop-shop. 

At Coloured Contacts we know that the most important factors to consider when shopping for non-prescription contact lenses are safety and comfort, which is why we are committed to sourcing lenses from only the best brands including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), to guarantee you high quality contact lenses.