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When it comes to looking for the perfect fancy dress accessories for Halloween or a party, Wolf contact lenses are a fantastic way to bring an authentic finish to a wild, animal-inspired outfit. Wolf eye contacts are one of our most popular styles and when you take a look at our selection it’s not hard to see why. 

We stock a range of realistic wolf eye contacts in various colours like black, orange, red and even blue werewolf contacts to cater for every taste. Before you select your favourite colour, make sure you check out the full range, which even includes UV styles! 

Wolf Contact Lenses: Unleash The Beast! 

Our Wolf UV contact lenses are the perfect way to light up the night whilst maintaining your predatory style. In ordinary light, these multicoloured contact lenses display a printed pattern that gives the illusion of a wolf eye, but once the lights go out, these glow-in-the-dark contact lenses take on a whole new effect; giving off an eerie shine that wouldn’t look out of place howling at the moon. 

The great thing about Werewolf contact lenses is that they are more unusual and original than other creepy contacts on the market, giving you the ability to bring a very subtle frightening hue to your eyes. So for those that like to think outside the box and want a costume accessory that isn’t totally mainstream, give your look the edge in some wolf eye contact lenses this Halloween. 

All of our Wolf contact lenses feature printed patterns around the iris to give a realistic wolf eye appearance. The use of a dark black surround, along with mottled colours through the iris area, completely covers your natural eye and gives the illusion of a vicious stare. Whether blue contacts are your thing, or you prefer black contacts, we have a huge variety of colours to choose from, all with a cheap price tag, in our Wolf contact lenses section. 

No matter what colour you choose, the good news is every pair of contact lenses we stock has an affordable price tag. So if you’re searching for cheap contact lenses online, but you don’t want to sacrifice on quality, Coloured Contacts is your one-stop-shop. We are proud to say that we only source products from reputable brands including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), giving you the assurance that your contact lenses will be made from high quality, durable materials.  

Create the Perfect Twilight Cosplay 

Just one of the factors that has contributed to a rise in popularity of Wolf contact lenses is the book and film sequence, Twilight, which shed a new light on these majestic creatures and had everyone falling in love with werewolves. So, if you are firmly on Team Jacob, try a Twilight inspired costume for your next party or Cosplay convention; you can complete your costume by heading over to Amazon and finding some claws! 

No matter what the occasion, our Wolf contact lenses come in a variety of wear durations giving you the freedom to decide just how many times you want to unleash the beast. If you’re strictly after a no-strings-fling for Halloween, our disposable contact lenses last for 1 day, but if you’d like to get your wolf on again and again we also stock 30 day90 day and even 1 year reusable contacts. 

Remember, all of our contact lenses are purely cosmetic, meaning you won’t need a prescription to experiment with Wolf eye contact lenses. Whilst wearing cosmetic lenses doesn’t affect your vision at all, it is important to visit an optician prior to purchasing so that they can check your eye health and confirm that you are a suitable candidate for wearing cosmetic contact lenses