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Tired of blending in with the crowd? Make an impact with a steely stare that will knock ‘em dead! Our range of non-prescription grey lenses from Eyefusion are the perfect accessories to lift your everyday style from predictable to startling. Suitable for daily use, our grey lenses are also ideal for Cosplay and fantasy role-play, as well as Halloween and costume parties. Become a master of disguise or a mistress of mystery in some of these eye-catching contact lenses; why not take on a whole new persona for the evening along with your new eye colour? Our grey lenses are perfect for spies, assassins and regular old Joes who simply want to shake up their style.

Add a touch of glamour to your look with our range of non-prescription grey lenses. For a subtle and sultry effect, opt for a pair of our Eyefusion Single ToneTri Tone or Mystic Grey contacts. If you fancy a little more dramatic effect, one of our bolder designs, such as the Eyefusion Big Eyes Evening Grey lenses, can guarantee that you a lasting impression. If you like the idea of a penetrating, platinum gaze, our Mystic Grey1 Tone Grey and 3 Tone Grey lenses will transform you into an ice queen in the blink of an eye. If scary is your style, you’ll be pleased to know our Blind Grey contact lenses are perfect for HalloweenCosplay events and any other fancy dress occasion where you want to take your costume to extremes!

Dress Up & Hit the Town in Our Grey Contact Lenses!

Take your look from drab to distinctive in seconds with our versatile grey lenses. For everyday wear, grey lenses look amazing paired with smoky eye makeup and black eyeliner. If you love the alternative style and really want to break the mould, grey lenses and platinum grey hair are a fierce combination.

Do Halloween in seductive style by teaming our 3 Tone Grey lenses with some extreme eyeliner that you can extend down your cheeks in an intricate pattern. If you’re more interested in the scare factor, let our Blind Grey Lenses zombify you and simply add some ragged blood stained clothes for the perfect brain-eating finish!

Our extensive selection of grey contacts are also perfect for Cosplay and fantasy role-play, to give you that authentic character finish. Become an Anime heroine by wearing our Big Eyes Evening Grey lenses with a tartan mini-skirt and some stripy long socks. Don’t forget your satin Alice band to complete the persona!

Of course, dressing up isn’t just for the ladies. With male Cosplay being extremely popular, having a good selection of cosmetic contact lenses at your disposal can mean the difference between an average man’s costume and an epic one. From infamous movie character to comic book villain, our grey lenses are the perfect accessory to pull your whole outfit together. If you’re wondering how to incorporate grey lenses into your outfit, just take a look at some of our favourite grey-eyed boys costume ideas:

  • Christian Gray
  • Raiden (Mortal Kombat)
  • Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)
  • Gladiator
  • Ninja
  • Robot
  • Final Fantasy

Things To Know...

How Long Will My Grey Contact Lenses Last? Our range of contacts come in a variety of different durations of wear, including single use daily lenses, monthly lenses, 90-day lenses and yearly lenses; making them ideal for everything from one-off costume parties to those who want a more permanent Cosplay change. Whether you’re in the mood for a brief colour affair or a longer term partnership, we have the right grey lenses to suit your needs.

Are Non-Prescription Contact Lenses Safe? If you’re concerned whether cosmetic contact lenses are safe to use, the answer is, absolutely! Here at Coloured Contacts, we take your eye health very seriously, therefore all of our lenses are high quality and durable, meaning you can experiment safely with your eye colour without any risk to your eyesight. Following the correct procedures for insertion, cleaning and storage will ensure that your eyes remain in perfect health while you go wild with your look. Our lenses don’t impair visibility so you don’t need to worry about any negative effects on your eyesight whilst wearing either!

Even though all of our lenses are non-prescription, you will still need to visit an optician for a lens consultation before using them for the first time. The optician will test your eyes to ensure they are suitable for contact lens wear and advise you of correct hygiene procedures to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Will Grey Contact Lenses Work On Brown Eyes? Our grey lenses will work perfectly for dark eyes and light eyes alike! All of our lenses are manufactured using rich colour pigment which sits directly over your iris, meaning that there is no risk of your own eye colour breaking through and ruining the authenticity of your new shade. With our high-quality and purely coloured contact lenses, you can kiss goodbye to murky, mixed colours you might get with cheaper lenses. We guarantee that our high-quality grey lenses will cover your dark brown eyes completely and help you achieve your desired look.

Why Buy From Us? Here at Coloured Contacts, we stock one of the largest ranges of non-prescription coloured contact lenses on the UK market. We source all of our lenses from reputable manufacturers like Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT). They are tested for comfort and durability and are easy to insert and remove; giving you nothing to worry about other than trying to choose your favourite pair! When you buy coloured contact lenses online from us, you are guaranteed a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Our priority is always our customers and we aim to provide the highest standard of service possible. We are lucky to have an excellent friendly and experienced customer care team who are always on hand to answer any queries you may have. We offer a next day delivery service to our UK customers.