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Are your eyes are your best feature? Are you looking to buy grey coloured contact lenses? Then look no further, here at Coloured Contacts we’ll give your glance a boost – captivating, enhancing, and spicing up your style!

Look no further, with our high quality grey coloured contact lenses all eyes are on yours. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, well now you can decorate those windows to best reflect the soul within, in shades ranging from silky dark grey to shimmering platinum.

Cheap and effectivecoloured contact lenses are quickly becoming a popular way to perfect your look for any occasion. Whether you’re dressing to impress or just want to stand out from the crowd, these lenses will make your eyes the centre of attention in any situation.

Superior Products and Incredible Prices

Whoever told you that grey meant dull, is far from wrong! Our grey contact lenses are designed to give you an arresting look that will definitely get anyone’s attention, with a variety of styles to suit all needs. Looking to get that intense steely eyed look? Then look no further than Coloured Contacts! We have a wide selection of realistic styles that will give your eyes that vibrant yet natural looking glow. For a bold yet smooth look, then why not take a look at our One Tone varieties. Our Two Tone styles will be sure to draw gazers in, enticing them with depth and mystery! For something a little more daring, take a look at our range of Tri Tone lenses, which are sure to give your eyes a delicate, intricate look that is sure to captivate any fortunate souls whose eyes you happen to catch.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more unusual you can opt for one of our more distinctive styles, a perfect choice for those seeking to complete their Cosplay Costumes, or add that finishing touch to their Fancy Dress ensemble! Freak people out with our Blind look grey contact lenses, a pure grey satin covering for the whole iris that will have people doing a double take! If confusing onlookers isn’t your thing, our selection of Big Eye lenses enhances the pupil with a look that will draw people in, while our Misty and Mystic style contacts will be sure to provide an enhanced enchanted look!

Don’t let eye colour restrict you! Be more adventurous with Coloured Contacts. Perfect even for those with dark eyes, open up a whole new wardrobe of possibilities by matching your eyes to your outfits instead of the other way around.

These high quality coloured contact lenses have rich pigmentation that will cover even dark brown eyes; great news for those wondering whether or not they can wear coloured contacts.

Gone are the times of extensive searching for contact lenses, here at Coloured Contacts we’ve done all the hard work for you! Searching high and low, we’re able to offer customers a vast range of grey contact lenses of the highest quality and at the best possible price. Offering competitive prices to sites such as Amazon and eBay, here at Coloured Contacts we have the customer’s needs in mind – offering you the easiest shopping experience with the best options available!

The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

Whether you go for a natural look or one of the more unusual styles, unlike companies such as Specsavers, all of our coloured contact lenses are non-prescription meaning you can experiment with different eyewear as much as you like without breaking the bank or affecting your vision.

Whether you’re interested in coloured contacts for a one-time thing or with a longer commitment in mind, then we have the perfect lenses for you. Our single-use 1 day contact lenses give you the freedom to reinvent yourself for the night and throw away in the morning. Whereas, if you are planning on keeping your style alive a little longer then it’s possible to do so with our daily, 30 day, and 90 day reusable contacts, ideal for multiple engagements. For something a little more long-term we even offer 1 year reusable designs, perfect for regular Cosplayersor those that always love to add that little extra to their party outfits!

Sourcing from one of the best UK manufacturers of contact lenses, Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), ensures that their lenses are of the highest quality and are safe and easy to use. These FDA approved lenses combine both ultimate comfort with irrefutable style, meaning that you don’t ever have to worry! It’s not a requirement to visit an optician or optometrist before purchasing cosmetic lenses, however it is something that we here at Coloured Contacts highly recommend. Observing the overall health of your eyes, a visit to the optician can successfully determine whether or not you’re suitable for coloured cosmetic lenses.

Set your costume apart with a unique set of accessories. Contact lenses are becoming increasingly more popular but by choosing Coloured Contacts you’re still likely to be the only one in the room with such a dazzling set of peepers. While perfect for Halloween, NYE or any other costume party date, our extensive range of grey contact lenses are great for all occasions! Offering impeccable customer service, our team are here to answer all your queries, whether big or small! That’s not all… Be sure to benefit from our highly effective next day delivery – ideal for the impromptu partier or for those last minute lens needs!

There’s no need to look any further! All your grey contact lens needs are right here at Coloured Contacts!