New Year, New You with Natural Coloured Contact Lenses

New Year, New You with Natural Coloured Contact Lenses

With the first days of 2018 underway, we’re all starting our resolutions to better ourselves. The beginning of another chapter in your life can be a great opportunity to shake up your style and become a new you. If you want to see the world from a new perspective then it’s time to change how the world sees you. A great way of achieving your new look is with a different eye colour. Whether it’s on occasion or every day, a pair of Natural Coloured Contact Lenses is a great way to make your fashion go further.

The new colour of some fashion contact lenses can match your outfit or make up, taking your look to the next level. Check out some of our natural lens ideas for your New Year’s style change. We also have some fun facts to help you decide which colour is the right choice for you.

Natural Blue Contact Lenses

Cool Blue Contact Lenses

In case you didn’t already know, your eye colour is the result of melanin pigments. A lack of these pigments will make your eyes a light blue colour. This is why most Caucasian babies start with blue eyes, but after developing melanin, their eyes will start to change. Don’t worry if you’ve got ample supplies of pigment in your eyes, with the help of some blue coloured  contact lenses like the Cool Blue Coloured Contact Lenses you can have the steely eye colour that you adore. There is also a good range of colours from Aqua to Navy Blue available for your blue contacts, so you don’t have to worry about finding the colour that suits your style.

Natural Grey Contact Lenses

Grey Mystic Contacts

You might never have heard of natural grey eyes, but these are an ultra light version of the Blue eye colour. Because this colour is the result of almost no pigment in the eye, it is a very rare eye colour to be born with. That is why we’re here to provide you with the most dazzling grey contacts ever. If you’re looking for that ultra special eye colour effect then we recommend this contact lenses colour to add some extra sparkle to an eloquent event.

Natural Green Contact Lenses

Green Tri Tone Contacts

This colour is considered the mid-point between light and dark eye colours and it can often be the best of both worlds. While a pair of green eyes is widely accepted as part of the common natural colours, they are still the rarest of this category and the next rarest colour is grey. This means that when you wear these green eye contact lenses, you’re unlikely to find another person with the same colour and no one will think you’re wearing contacts when you’re going about your business.

Natural Hazel Contact Lenses

Hazel Tri Tone Contacts

Natural hazel eyes are often thought to change colour between green and brown, but this is just an effect from pupil dilation and the light source in the surrounding environment. While Hazel brown contact lenses are unable to achieve this effect, it is still super easy to get the perfect light brown colour that everyone expects from a natural hazel eye. These types of eye colour contact lenses are great for parties and can be switched with green lenses every few days for a crazy eye changing hazel effect.

Natural Brown Contact Lenses

Chocolate Brown Contacts

Depending on shade, this colour can be the most common or extremely rare. For regular brown and dark brown eyes like the Chocolate Brown Tri Tone Coloured Contact Lenses you are part of the majority, with over half of the world’s population having this colour. However, the Amber colour of a light brown is one of the rarest colours making it a great addition to your fashion style. Amber brown eyes are also great with a variety of makeup looks whether it’s light or dark. Get out our brown eye contacts to find the perfect amber pair for you.

Prescription Natural Contact Lenses

Blue Sapphire Contacts Green Tri Tone Prescription Contacts Brown Two Tone Prescription Contacts

While you’re creating a new you with a colour change, make your new look even more noticeable by ditching the glasses. We have a whole range of natural lenses that will correct your eyesight. Just check out some of our options that we think look incredible. You will love the freedom of prescription lenses so get searching through our store for the perfect prescription coloured contact lenses UK.

Now that you’ve seen the options available for your new natural look, it’s time to start planning your look. Which natural coloured contact  lenses will you be using in your 2018 New Year style? While you’re here, give us a like and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for great contact lens ideas during the upcoming year.

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New Year, New You with Natural Coloured Contact Lenses

New Year, New You with Natural Coloured Contact Lenses

Start 2018 in style with a new pair of Natural Coloured Contact Lenses. This helpful blog will let you decide which colour is best for you with some helpful facts about each eye colour.

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