Fantastic Overwatch Cosplay Ideas

Fantastic Overwatch Cosplay Ideas

Here at Coloured Contacts we make it easy for you to change your look in a flash. With hundreds of different eye colours and styles to choose from, no matter who your favourite character is or what your quirky style is; we’ll have the perfect contacts to match. One of the most popular and revolutionary trends to come around is with Overwatch cosplay! This hit arena brawler from Blizzard studios has become a cult sensation with its cross platform play and diverse character roster! Not only does Overwatch promote team work and friendly gaming, but now it has evolved into fantastic Overwatch cosplayers!

The best thing about this type of cosplay is that whether you’re visiting Comic con or Blizzcon; everyone loves to see people bring these characters to life. So, without further ado check out our Overwatch cosplay guide below and see how you grab some awesome matching eyes!

Overwatch Cosplay Mei – Brown Coloured Contacts

When it comes to perfecting a Mei Overwatch cosplay you’re going to need a few things. Firstly you’ll need to grab yourself your finest winter attire, snow boots and geek glasses; but they you’re going to need a pair of natural look contact lenses! If you’ve got a pair of deep chocolate brown eyes already you’re in luck! However if you’re looking for the best Mei matching lenses available, we would have to recommend our Chocolate Brown Tri Tone Coloured Contacts! Not only do these lenses fit an Overwatch Cosplay Mei perfectly, they’re a great addition for your everyday look!

Overwatch Cosplay Mei

Why not take a look at the full range of our beautiful brown lenses here?

Overwatch Cosplay Mercy – Blue & Grey Coloured Contacts

If your favourite fighter from Blizzards Overwatch is angel fighter mercy, we’re sure you’re well aware of the difficulty in preparing a fitting Overwatch cosplay. As well as having to slave hours to perfect her epic wings and cosplay, it’s imperative that you nail the right eye colour. Luckily we feel that our Blue One Tone Coloured Contact Lenses in 90 Day compliment this look perfectly and breathe that extra life into an Overwatch cosplay mercy

Overwatch Cosplay Mercy Contacts

Need an eye catching new look but fancy switching up the Blue? Why not try out a steely grey look with a pair of lenses from our Grey section?

Finish Off Your Overwatch Reaper Cosplay

If you know the full character roster then this next cosplay idea is perfect for someone looking for a costume that’s a little more sinister. Overwatch Reaper cosplays are some of the best we’ve seen and a pair of coloured contacts really make all the difference. If you really want your death to blossom into the perfect wraith form add a pair of our Black Mini Sclera Coloured Contacts and get ready to cause hellfire amongst other cosplayers!  These lenses help you own your look by covering some of the whites of your eyes so that you appear demonic in nature! Have a look at the full black section here and check them out for yourself below:

Overwatch Reaper Cosplay Contacts

Fancy taking this Overwatch cosplay to the next level? How about using a pair of red coloured contact lenses?

Was your favourite Overwatch cosplay missing from this short list? Don’t forget to check out our full selection of colours to get the perfect pair of lenses to match all of your cosplay needs! 

Have you rocked an Overwatch cosplay recently with our lenses? Made one in preparation? Don’t forget to share them with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Fantastic Overwatch Cosplay Ideas

Fantastic Overwatch Cosplay Ideas

Prepare for your next Overwatch Cosplay with the some new Coloured Contacts. Add some life to your Mei, Mercy and Reaper costumes in a flash!

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