Cosmic Fashion With Galaxy Eye Contacts

Cosmic Fashion With Galaxy Eye Contacts

When it comes to Coloured Contacts it’s all about getting something a little bit different. Whether you’re switching your hazel brown eyes to a mystic green or creepy zombie styles, everyone loves interchanging their style. Although picking between natural effect and Halloween lenses can be a little bit of a chore, we’re proud to introduce the perfect compromise; galaxy eye contacts!

Cosmetic contacts lenses are perfect for giving you a bold and bright new everyday style that can enhance your look! But for something that’s truly out of the world, you’re going to need some universe contact lens styles!

Grey Galaxy Contact Lenses

If like us, you’re always one step ahead of the latest fashion, we’re sure you’re well aware of the need to incorporate grey contact lenses into your look. The popularity of the style comes from their ability to easily mask your natural eye colour while giving you a totally entrancing new look. Although you may think that this style is more ‘unnatural’ than anything, the lighter tones can totally transform your look and make you a focal point to your friends and onlookers. But if you’re looking to take this style to the next level, you’re going to need to check out the Grey Galaxy Coloured Contact Lenses in 90 Day.

These grey galaxy eye contacts feature not only gorgeous grey shades; but they also show off a cosmic galaxy design across the iris. As well as this, these tantalising space contact lenses feature beautiful star designs and a contrast blue section, giving you the best of both worlds with your new cosmic style.

Grey Galaxy Contact Lenses

Bright Blue Galaxy Contact Lenses:

Looking for something a little bolder than grey? Luckily we have a range of new colours of this fantastic style for your perfect style. For the most natural of this cosmetic contact lenses range, we recommend our Blue Galaxy Coloured Contact Lenses (90 Day)! Like our gorgeous grey style, they also feature the same cosmic design, but with contrasting shades of bright and dark blue; looking like a starry night and giving you starry eyes. 

Check out our full blue contact lenses section here and our beautiful new lenses below:

Blue Galaxy Eye Contacts

Purple Violet Galaxy Fashion Contacts

If bright, bold and colourful style is more your thing, you need the have the most eye catching colour available. Within our new range you’ll also be able to get your peepers on vibrant violet galaxy eyes that’ll make you hotter than a super nova. Check out these beautiful galaxy contact lenses below:

Purple Violet Galaxy Contact Lenses

Purple Galaxy Contact Lenses

Classic Galaxy Coloured Contact Lenses

If you’ve read this and can’t wait to get on this over the top and style driven cosmetic contact lenses trend, then we’ve got plenty more styles for you to look through. Particularly, if you’re looking for natural but over the top style, we recommend our beautiful range of glimmer and mystic lenses!

Check them out below for more vibrant style choices.

Glimmer Space Contacts


Mystic galaxy Contacts

So there you have it. The new range of galaxy contact lenses at Coloured Contacts is totally out of this world, but not out of reach! Let us know what you think of these beautiful new styles on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

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Cosmic Fashion With Galaxy Eye Contacts

Cosmic Fashion With Galaxy Eye Contacts

Get a totally cosmic style with our new range of galaxy eye contacts. Featuring a beautiful starry style that is great for lovers of both natural and costume lenses, we're sure you'll think these...

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