Movie Contact Lenses: From Disney Animations To On Screen Icons

Movie Contact Lenses: From Disney Animations To On Screen Icons

Love nothing more than heading to the cinema to check out the latest blockbuster? We bet some of you even like to go dressed up for the big premiers. Whether it is a character from Star Wars or freaky friends from your favourite horrors we think your costume will look even better with some movie contact lenses.

Here are some of our favourite looks from a group of very talented makeup artists, for you to try at home. Some movie characters have unique eye colours or fancy styles so no costume would be complete without the same awesome eyes. That’s where Coloured Contacts comes in!

We are beginning with the queen of motion pictures – Marilyn Monroe. This design by metamorphosia_fx gives a ghostly style to Marilyn Monroe, host movie contact lenses and you have got an even creepier look. She still looks glamorous but we love the finishing touch of our Blue Blind Contact Lenses.

Movie Contact Lenses, Marilyn

Image Source Instagram

Coloured Contacts can even help bring animated characters to life. queenofluna created her very own version of the Corpse Bride straight out of the Tim Burton film. Wide-eyed Emily is a popular choice for using Halloween contact lenses. Pair your costume with our White Zombie Halloween Contact Lenses and some dark long eyelashes to create the perfect image of the blushing bride.

Movie Contact Lenses, Corpse Bride

Image Source Instagram

jassilallmua also takes her inspiration from Tim Burton with a Beetlejuice inspired costume. We love the green accents in this costume. For this costume, you can use movie fx contacts to create a fun surprise to your fancy dress. Our Green UV Contact Lenses will glow under UV lighting for a totally unique style.

Movie Contact Lenses, Beetlejuice

Image Source Instagram

Next, we have the ladies from Marvel; Mystique by artbybmazz and Gamora by mirandavanr. These two characters are both powerful ladies and wouldn’t look right without their iconic and unusual colours, completed by funky contact lenses. artbybmazz uses our Yellow Twilight Werewolf Contact Lenses while mirandavanr opts for the Brown Tri Tone Contact Lenses.

Movie Contact Lenses, Gamora

Image Source Instagram

Movie Contact Lenses, Mystique

Image Source Instagram

We couldn’t talk about movies without mentioning a little bit of Disney. These animated characters are so much fun to bring to life.’s Cruella De Vil looks just as scary as in the film. This on-screen diva is the perfect candidate for pairing with some theatre contact lenses. Adding a pair of natural contact lenses can help to enhance your natural eyes or change your eye colour to match the character you are cosplaying. In this creative look, is using out Mystic Green Contact Lenses.

Movie Contact Lenses, Cruella De Vil

Image Source Instagram

Our final style is from artbybmazz. She created an amazing cosplay of Te Fiti from the Disney film Moana. We adore the floral headdress almost as much as we loved Moana. For this style, she has used our Green Blind Contact Lenses.

Movie Contact Lenses, Te Fiti

Image Source Instagram

With an infinite amount of films to choose from, we would love to see all your unique looks based on your favourite characters. You can also check out our other blog posts for more inspiration. For example, if you are looking for Twilight contacts prescription you can head to our blog post or check out our fab prescription lenses section. For inspiration on Twilight contact lenses Bella and all your favourite characters be sure to have a browse.

Whichever genre you love, we are sure to be able to match the eyes of your character. From horror contact lenses to animated characters we would love to see your creations so why not tag us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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Movie Contact Lenses: From Disney Animations To On Screen Icons

Movie Contact Lenses: From Disney Animations To On Screen Icons

Love to see all the latest blockbuster movies? Make sure your fancy dress characters are the spitting image of the on-screen versions with Movie Contact Lenses

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