Silicon Valley Comic Con Cosplay Ideas

Contact Lens Cosplay Ideas From Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018

We’re always here to bring you the freshest new looks and styles for your next Comic Con Cosplay ideas, but we don’t always show you how to achieve the ultimate look of a specific character. So far in 2018 we’ve been absolutely blown away with the best cosplay ideas so far; and there’s still a little time before it properly kicks off! With that in mind we’re here with the this little blog featuring some of the most amazing cosplays from Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 to give you some inspiration towards what you can achieve for your next look; and how you can make it your own by using some coloured contact lenses!

If you’re wondering ‘What are Comic Cons?’, keep reading or dive into the full world of cosplay contact lenses here!

Our Favourite Comic Con Cosplay Costumes

This year’s Silicon Valley Comic Con was a pretty special one for all audiences. As well as classic pop culture costumes, we also saw many comic con cosplay ideas that fit with beloved characters of modern gamers and new upcoming superhero movies. One of our favourite costumes this year has to be that of Ciri from the Witcher 3 portrayed by Kirsten Gadiel; such a fantastic Comic Con characters female. Not only has she captured the likeness of the character perfectly, she has also recreated the costume to near perfect detail!

Comic Con Ciosplay Ciri The Witcher 3 Ideas

Photo: Melia Robinson / Business Insider

Fancy joining the Cat or Wolf school for yourself?  To finish off this Witcher costume we can only recommend one more thing; costume contact lenses. Within the video game, Ciri is seen to have emerald green eyes which can easily be achieved with our Green Tri Tone Coloured Contact Lenses. But if you’d rather have the look of a witcher that has gone through the trial of grasses; you cannot go with anything else but a pair of Yellow Cat’s Eye Lenses.

comic Con Cosplay Ciri Green Eye Costume Contact Lenses  Geralt Of Rivia Cosplay Cat Eye Contacts

New Cosplay Comic Con Have Shown Us

Fancy heading towards the Marvel cinematic universe to quench your Comic Con dress up ideas thirst? This year there were some downright fantastic choices that are great for male comic con costumes or comic con costume ideas for females. Thor: Ragnorak hit the big screen at the end of 2017, but that’s plenty of time to get planning a whole new look. This year we had special guests Hela, Thor’s sister and Korg the comedic arena fighter! Although these characters played by Rohan and Heather Dunnigan were pretty spot in; we think that Coloured Contacts could fit with these perfectly!

Thor: Ragnarok, Hela & Korg Comic Con Cosplay

Photo: Melia Robinson / Business Insider

Check out our full list of cosplay contact lenses here and some costume contacts that we feel will go perfectly with these costumes!

Grey Blind Colored Contact Lenses For Zombie Korg Costume    Hela Green UV Halloween Cosplay Contacts

Are you the sort of person that needs to plan for an amazing look before its even trending? If you’re any kind of pop culture fan you would have definitely seen the trailer for Deadpool 2. Within the Cosplay article of Silicon Valley Comic Con by Business Insider, the two cosplay ideas for Cable in both his new and classic X-Men looks are absolutely fantastic. Simply pick up a pair of our Red UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses or a pair from our Blind & Mesh section here and you’re all set!

Deadpool 2 X-Men Cable Cosplay

Photo: Melia Robinson / Business Insider

Deadpool 2 Cable Cosplay Contacts

If you need more help finding your next Comic Con Cosplay Ideas then don’t forget to check out our full blog section here! Otherwise let us know what you’re planning for your next costume on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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Contact Lens Cosplay Ideas From Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018

Contact Lens Cosplay Ideas From Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018

Get some Comic Con Cosplay ideas from recent participants at Silicon Valley Comic Con. Check out the best costumes and contact lenses to make sure your next conventions Cosplay goes down a treat!

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