Succubus Contact Lenses: Get Demonic Eyes With Halloween Contacts

Succubus Contact Lenses: Get Demonic Eyes With Halloween Contacts

For some new terrifying costume inspiration, let us tell you a bit more about some ideas for succubus contact lenses. A succubus costume or Cosplay look is sure to turn heads, as these alluring female creatures of magic, myth and folklore are usually depicted seducing victims in their dreams!

Before you dive straight into the Demon Contact Lenses section, why not take a closer look at some styles which we think would greatly improve any she-demon costume. We’ve got contact lenses which cover a huge range of styles both monstrous and magical creatures and the Succubus is no exception! With a pair of demon eye contact lenses added to your costume, you’re sure to stand out from the rest at any costume event.

Take a look (if you dare) at some of our ideas and suggestions for how you can get succubi contact lenses into your look. If you’re feeling stumped on how to create a womens demon costume, then you’ll find plenty of costume inspiration here.

Succubus Coloured Contact Lenses

Let’s check out some of the possible colours and styles of coloured contact lenses which we think would fit perfectly in any Succubus-inspired costume.

  • Red Demon Eye Contacts – the colour of love and lust, red contact lenses are sure to add something extra to your demon contact lens look. A pair of Red Contact Lenses such as the Mini Sclera or Red Halloween styles is sure to do the trick. Lure in the onlookers with some scary red demon contacts that are sure to stand out.
  • Black Demon Eyes Contacts – A dark and daring shade of black is sure to make your look stand out if you’re encouraging your victims to embrace the darkness! A pair of Black Blackout Contact Lenses is sure to scare, and a pair of black Blind Contact Lenses is sure to make your demon-look all kinds of terrifying.
  • Yellow-Eyed Demon Contacts – yellow eyes appearing in the darkness are a staple part of any horror film – which makes them perfect choices for a Succubus costume. If you love the Diablo game franchise, then we think a pair of yellow Cat Eye Contact Lenses is sure to make a great Lilith, Queen of the Succubi, costume! These styles are available in both prescription and non-prescription options.
  • White Demon Contact Lenses – One of our most popular contact lens colours, White Contact Lenses are perfect for all kinds of spooky creatures – so why not a succubus? A pair of all white lenses can easily complete any demonic look. We think you’ll be impressed by the huge amount of styles on offer.

No matter which colour of demonic contact lenses you choose, we’re sure your costume will look all kinds of awesome. It’s always fun to mix and match with your favourite contact lens colours. Remember, succubae are notorious shape-shifters and dreamlike beings, so you can easily throw out the rule book when it comes to which succubus eye colour you want to create or replicate!

Succubus Costume Inspiration

Whilst succubae are not one of the most well-known beings to grace our current pop culture scenes there are still plenty of ways you can incorporate demon sfx contact lenses into a new, exciting and original Succubus look.

You’ll find a few succubus-esque characters lurking in video games, films and TV series, as well as in many anime and manga adaptations. Here are two succubus examples which we think will work perfectly with our coloured lenses.

Evelynn – a creature who lurks in the shadows of the online game of League of Legends. She lures in her victims with charms and temptations before dealing a killer blow! As you can see from her splash art design, a pair of glowing UV Contact Lenses is an essential part of any planned LoL costume. We’d say go for yellow or orange with your choice of glowing UV succubus contact lenses. Check out other blogs for more League of Legends Cosplay ideas.

World Of Warcraft – demons and succubae also hide in the realms of Azeroth, with minions and imp taking notably demonic style. Here, you can see a piercing pair of blue contact lenses is a perfect match. Choose from more glowing UV styles or why not take a closer look at our blue contact lenses section. 

If you’re interested in delving further into our monstrous styles then make sure to properly browse or Demon Contact Lenses section. For more general creepy contact lens styles, our Halloween Contact Lenses section is the place to be! We think you’ll find everything you need to cater to all kinds of demon styles – including Incubi, Goblins, Devils and more!

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Succubus Contact Lenses: Get Demonic Eyes With Halloween Contacts

Succubus Contact Lenses: Get Demonic Eyes With Halloween Contacts

Take a closer look (if you dare) at our suggestions for Succubus Contact Lenses and how you can work them into your demon costumes.

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