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Contact Lens Colours: Discover Your Perfect New Eye Colour

We simply love talking about COLOUR at Coloured Contacts. We have a huge range of colour contact lenses available in our online store that are sure to help you achieve a unique eye colour transformation. Each and every shade, hue or colouration is packed with strong pigmentation for vibrant effects and gorgeous enhancements. Here is a walkthrough of our entire colour contacts range we have and what they can do for you.

Natural Colour Contact Lenses

Our natural colour lenses are sure to make your everyday beauty regime a lot more colourful! Enhance your eyes with some deeper shades of contacts, or, try out a whole new colour! Trying out a brand new natural eye colour could lead to a whole new you – which awesome natural shade will you try out first?

  • Aqua Contact Lenses – this light blue hue is sure to add a twinkle to your eye! If you have wanted a baby blue eye colour, then these aqua coloured lenses are sure to please.
  • Blue Contact Lenses – a popular colour which produces a huge range of realistic looking coloured contact lenses. Some styles are suited for dark eyes so everyone can enjoy blue lenses.
  • Brown Contact Lenses – a pair of beautiful brown eyes is certainly a popular colour to choose. Go darker with chocolate brown colours or lighten it up with hazel eye contact lens styles.
  • Green Contact Lenses – go gorgeously green with these natural effect lenses. If you love this colour then you’ll be pleased to know that there are a huge number of styles available.
  • Grey Contact Lenses - this alternative natural shade is sure to please. If you want a colour that’s sure to stand out whilst maintaining a natural finish, then grey is the ideal choice for you.
  • Hazel Contact Lenses - a lighter natural colour, hazel is certainly a popular natural eye colour that many people want to imitate. Pick up your own new hazel hue when you shop with us.

There are simply so many natural colours and styles to try! Sticking to a natural colour is certainly becoming a popular fashion choice for coloured contacts. We now even have new Freshlook Colorblends available in multipacks for those who want to incorporate their new eye colour into their everyday style.

Halloween Colour Contact Lenses

You’ll find a whole host of freaky and funky colours in our Halloween styles. Particular popular styles include white and black contact lenses as they produce an unnerving and unnatural effect! As with many of the colours included here, you can certainly find room for them in your next Cosplay costume or Halloween fancy dress. There are simply too many exciting eye lens colours and styles to choose from!

  • Black Contact Lenses - weird and wonderful, black contacts are a colour that is sure to be at home in any spooky outfit. Shop blind and blackout styles for the ultimate contact lens effect.
  • Orange Contact Lenses - replicate the look of scary monster eyes with this colour of contact lens. There are Halloween styles that can turn you into everything from a wolf to a pumpkin!
  • Red Contact Lenses - you can count on these contacts for an ultimate blood red colour this October! Scary vampire and demon eye looks will be completed with some beastly red eyes.
  • White Contact Lenses – the ultimate eye colour for Halloween. No zombie or undead fancy dress costume is complete without some white irises. Prepare to scare with white lenses!

Coloured contact lenses Halloween are sure to scare in whichever costume you choose to put them in! As well as shopping by colour, you should also take a look at our Styles if you are in need of some costume or styling inspiration. With different colours of cat, zombie, vampire, wolf contacts available there’s certainly a colour that you’ll want for your next costume!

Bright Colour Contact Lenses

Make your style stand out with some of these bright contact lens colours. You’ll find these alternative shades produce some impressive effects. As most of these colours are found in opaque contact lenses, this allows for a strong block of colour pigment – you won’t believe the transformation. Make your colour stand out with some of the following shades:

  • Pink Contact Lenses – shine bright with some gorgeous pink eye colours. This unique style is sure to bring any Cosplay costume or unique makeup look to life.
  • Purple Contact Lenses – a bold and exciting eye colour, you can purchase both lighter and darker shades when it comes to purple. Perfect for costumes and raving makeup looks.
  • Violet Contact Lenses - a brighter shade that is often used as an alternative natural look. Pairing this colour with natural effect designs allows for some out-of-this-world eye colours.
  • Yellow Contact Lenses - brighten up your look with a pair of beady yellow eyes. There are many styles to choose from, but many opt for the extremely popular Yellow Cat Eye look!

All of our brightest colours are also available as ultra violet contact lenses. These contacts are UV reactive and will glow under a blacklight. This UV colour is sure to make your look stand out even more on the dance floor, so shine bright and get creative with this funky colour palette.

Metallic Colour Contact Lenses

Glisten and glimmer with some of our metallic contact lens colours. Opt for glorious gold or silver chic when planning your next party outfit or glamorous makeup looks. You’re sure to sparkle and get noticed with a pair of these contacts in! Feel like a star with our two exciting colour changing contacts.

  • Gold Contact Lenses – go for gold with these metallic colour eye effects. Got a golden standard look that you want to show off? Then why not get the eye colour to match?
  • Silver Contact Lenses – if you love seriously silver styles, then our silver contacts are always a popular choice. Step up your style with these mirror effect contact colour lenses.

Now you’ve seen our full contact lens colour chart, we think you see why we’re one of the best places to shop colour contact lenses online! Make sure to have a good look through all of our colour options in order to find the perfect pair for you.

If you want to find the right pair of lenses to match your skin colour, complexion or hair colour; then we invite you to try out our Virtual Mirror where you can get a good idea on how the lenses will look in real life!

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Contact Lens Colours: Discover Your Perfect New Eye Colour

Contact Lens Colours: Discover Your Perfect New Eye Colour

We have so many contact lens colours available you need a guide to see them all. With so many shades and hues available, it'll hard to pick your favourite.

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