Tiger Eye Contact Lenses And Other Big Cat Costumes

Tiger Eye Contact Lenses: Yellow Wild Eye Halloween Contacts

Are you looking to release your wild side? Find the ferocious feline within for your next costume. Try out a pair of Tiger Eye Contact Lenses to channel the energy of this awesome big cat. Animal cosplays can be great fun especially with our range of Cat’s Eye Lenses. Transform your iris into a vertical slit or try out a round-eyed style. We all know cats are hard to ignore when they use the cute and wide-eyed routine!

If you are looking for a tiger eye style then be sure to check out our yellow contact lenses as most tigers have gorgeous golden eyes. We recommend the Yellow Avatar Coloured Contact Lenses or Yellow Twilight Werewolf Coloured Contact Lenses. Check out Instagrammer @lenniedin to see our Yellow Twilight Contacts in use. She has created an awesome tiger costume using body paint. Stock up on yellow, orange, black and white paints to create a tiger style at home.

You don’t just have to stick to yellow when searching for tiger contact lenses. Our red and orange styles are also great for unleashing a tiger. Check out Instagrammer @queenofluna in her red and orange contact lenses. She looks like a friendly feline with those glistening round eyes and awesome eye makeup. To re-create this style we recommend these lenses:

Think you are missing out on all the fun because you need corrective lenses? After all, we have never seen a tiger wearing glasses! Don’t worry, with prescription wild eyes contacts you can also find your wild side. We recommend trying out the Red Angelic Vampire Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses for a spooky red hue or the Yellow Cat Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses for a cat-shaped iris.

Alternative Wild Eyes Contacts

If you would prefer to try out a pair of cat eye contact lenses with slit iris then why not transform into a different animal from the cat family? Instagrammer @manontissierspfxmua has created this awesome cosplay based on Alice In Wonderland. This Cheshire cat style looks awesome with our Aqua Blue Cat’s Eye Coloured Contact Lenses. You can also try other colours such as yellow, red and green.

When purchasing the Yellow Cat Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses you can enjoy Prism Ballast technology which will ensure your lenses are always the correct orientation. This is especially useful for cat eye styles as it is essential the pupil is vertical. If you are searching for realistic cat eye contacts then these are a great option. Select the power for each eye and enjoy clear vision as well as a funky style.

This final look is more of a leopard style and features a pair of our natural Green Two Tone Contact Lenses@marki_rochelle has created an awesome print that would fit in at parties and for Halloween. So if you are looking for Halloween contact lenses this unusual idea if worth considering. You can take it to the next level with leopard style lenses too such as the Violet Purple Jaguar Coloured Contact Lenses and Orange Jaguar Coloured Contact Lenses.

As you can see there are plenty of coloured contact lenses to choose from to complete your animal cosplay. Sometimes you can even find inspiration in unusual places so be sure to check out all our different styles to help make you big cat unique.

We know it seems like a long way off but we couldn’t help mentioning some of the Halloween contact lenses cheap deals we currently have. Shop in our sale to get your contact lenses for less. Last year we enjoyed the pictures you shared of your awesome costumes, from Pennywise the Clown to Valak contact lenses. We can’t wait to see more this year!

If you are in a hurry to get your contact lenses in time for a party or event then you can select next day delivery coloured contact lenses for certain countries. Be sure to explore all your delivery options to find the cheapest or fastest postage.

Whichever colour you are searching for, Coloured Contacts prides itself on stocking plenty of variety, from white contact lenses to purple contacts. Be sure to share your pictures with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter of your costumes or natural styles. We would love to see some more tiger eye contact lenses costumes so why not have a go at creating your own kitty character?

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Tiger Eye Contact Lenses: Yellow Wild Eye Halloween Contacts

Tiger Eye Contact Lenses: Yellow Wild Eye Halloween Contacts

Are you looking to release your wild side? Check out Tiger Eye Contact Lenses to create your own ferocious feline. Explore a range of other big cat styles too, with cat eye contacts!

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