Underworld Contact Lenses: Your Selene Vampire Costume

Underworld Contact Lenses | Selene Vampire Eye Costume, Blue Eye

Underworld Contact Lenses are the type of coloured contact lenses used to describe Selene’s eyes. She is the protagonist of the popular movie collection known as Underworld and has been portrayed by Kate Beckinsale. The series focuses around the conflict between werewolves and vampires through the modern age with Vampires depicted to have a bright blue eye colour.

Do you consider yourself a vampire fanatic? Or are you just looking for an easy and jaw dropping cosplay for your next convention. If either is true, we would recommend reading through this article why we describe to you how you need to get some Underworld Contact Lenses for your character cosplay that rivals the hit movie franchise.

Luckily, here at Coloured Contacts we have a huge range of blue vampire contact lenses to choose from and even a few other styles that will be perfect for dressing up as one of the opposing Lycans.

Selene Underworld Contact Lenses

If you’ve been thinking about trying a pair of blue vampire contact lenses for this costume, we’re sure you’re well aware with how many choices that is available to you; and at Coloured Contacts we’re here to point you towards your perfect pair.

In the past we have stocked specially named Selene Underworld Contact Lenses that have been incredible popular with Halloween Vampire costumes and professional cosplayers. We still have that same style in stock under a new named and now referred to as our Blue Ice Walker & Blue Shiva Prescription Contact Lenses. They feature the iconic teal blue eye colour with a white design for an eye catching Iris.

Below you can see our talented affiliate @Avada___Kedavra recreate Selene's iconic vampire look with a pair of our Aqua Blue Contact Lenses. Francesca has recreated a range of realistic character Cosplays and this one is no exception. Click here to see more of Francesca's work on the Coloured Contacts Gallery Page!

But that’s not all we have to have offer. I think you’d agree with us when we say that you can’t always choose your coloured contacts until your 100% sure of your costume; and that’s why we have more than one option for you. If you’re someone who is relying on your coloured contacts to drawing the attention and detail to your look a pair of our Blue Manson Lenses are the perfect pair of Selene Contacts you could pick. They offer a black limbal ring which helps add extra realism and depth to the Cosplay. Need something even more jaw dropping and vampiric? See our Blue UV I Glow Lenses which will glow with a deep hue under a black light!

Underworld Contact Lenses, Selene Vampire Eye

Natural Blue Underworld Contacts

As you’ve seen above, there are a wide variety of costume and Halloween contact lenses that are perfect for an Underworld cosplay. The vampire eyes that are shown within this show are nothing like any other vampire eyes we’ve seen in other media; which opens up the possibility for trying out a few different styles of lenses. We think that some of our natural styles would be a great choice for anyone looking to get a vampire eye contacts that feature the Underworld flair. Although Selene’s eyes are seen to be rather bright, it could also be argued that her eyes still feature a natural iris. As such we think a pair of our natural blue contact lenses will be a perfect choice. These lenses offer extra definition, detail and depth, while also being available in multiple different shades of blue.

Natural Blue Selene Contacts, Blue Vampire Underworld

See our Natural Blue Contact Lenses here or see some of our favourite choices for a Selene costume below:

Vamnpire Eye Contacts, Selene Underworld Lenses

So there you have it. Will you be getting a pair of blue vampire eyes for your Underworld Costume? Why not take a look at our Vampire or Lycan Contact Lenses by clicking here!Tag us in your looks on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

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Underworld Contact Lenses | Selene Vampire Eye Costume, Blue Eye

Underworld Contact Lenses | Selene Vampire Eye Costume, Blue Eye

Adding Underworld Contact Lenses to your Selene Cosplay can bring enhance definition to your look. Try a pair of blue coloured contacts for a long lasting and professional movie style. At Coloured...

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