Coloured Contacts Interviews: Miss Stryx for #strykingFEAR

Coloured Contacts Interviews: Miss Stryx for #strykingFEAR

This week Coloured Contacts got the chance to talk to Instagrammer @miss_stryx about her Stryking Fear competition. For the second year in a row, Coloured Contacts are sponsoring this event with prizes so be sure to get your entries in to win some awesome prize bundles including our lenses.


In the words of Miss Stryx - ‘To enter the competition, artists post photos and/or videos of their entries and use the hashtag #StrykingFEAR. Each challenge runs for a little bit over a month so it gives artists plenty of time to come up with a concept and execute it. At the end of the competition, my judges and I discuss entries and choose winners. The winners then will be shipped a huge prize pack with gifts from me and my incredible list of sponsors.'

Miss Stryx, Cross Lenses

Where did the idea for the Stryking Fear competition and challenges originate?

I always wanted to find a way to bring the makeup community together. I wanted to create something that would interest a lot of people to put their skills to the test, challenge them and push them forward as artists. The Stryking FEAR Competition was born from this very idea. I noticed there were a lot of makeup contests floating around Instagram. All of them very great, but I wanted to create something more immersive, more challenging then what most artists are used to seeing.

I like to introduce a specific theme with guidelines, but all very loyal to an artist's creative freedom. I usually have ideas scattered around in my head many months before deciding on a theme and challenge.

I love putting this competition together and it’s a very rewarding feeling seeing so many artists enter. Not just because they want to win, but because so many look forward to this because of the themes, the other artists they meet and the growth they see in their work. That is what keeps me bringing Stryking FEAR back every year, with this year being the 3rd consecutive year.

Now you know a little more about the competition but what about its host? This talented makeup artist has plenty of advice to offer when it comes to starting creating SFX makeup.

Makeup has always been present in my life. It was a way to express myself and feel more confident. Halloween has also been intensely celebrated where I grew up. One Halloween in 2014, I really wanted to go all out and decided to do my first FX makeup. A latex + tissue paper zombie. Have to start somewhere! And since then, I never put a makeup brush down.

Miss Stryx, White Blind Lenses

Here at Coloured Contacts, we were dying to know what @miss_stryx thought of including contact lenses in her looks.

Lenses have been and always will be my favourite accessory. Creating characters is my passion and when you pop in a pair of lenses it completely transforms you.

Your eyes say a lot, especially when elevating your makeup looks!

My favourite has been the red bastard lenses! I actually used them for the character host of Stryking FEAR last year!

Miss Stryx, Red Bastard Lenses

Check out @miss_stryx in action here, including a picture of her recommended Red Bastard Lenses. Check out more of @miss_stryx’s favourites below

  • White Halloween Zombie Coloured Contact Lenses
  • White Manson Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Red Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

These lenses are extremely versatile and could be used with ANY look!

Here are the contact lenses styles mentioned above in action.

Miss Stryx Blog

Don’t forget if you have used any of our lenses in your looks to tag us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. And follow this link if you would like to enter @miss_stryx competition or to follow her Instagram!

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Coloured Contacts Interviews: Miss Stryx for #strykingFEAR

Coloured Contacts Interviews: Miss Stryx for #strykingFEAR

Fancy trying out your SFX makeup skills? Check out the details of @miss-stryx #strykingFEAR competition for your chance to win some prizes, including a bundle from us! Get hints and tips from this...

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