Lucifer Contact Lenses: Red Satanic Devil Eye Contacts

Lucifer Contact Lenses, Satanic Devil Eye Contacts, Red Azazel Lens

Lucifer Contact Lenses are commonly used in Halloween costumes to create realistic eyes for a devil fancy dress outfit. This style is most popular in red and black costume contact lenses; like those seen in the television show; however novelty designs of blue, white and green can also be used for devil eyes.

As we’re sure you’re well aware, demon contact lenses are usually depicted in bright shades of red; however it’s always good to experiment with different coloured contact lenses. Here we can show you some of the incredible posts that have been created from our talented affiliates of makeup artists and cosplayers; as well as some top picks of some of our most popular devil contact lenses.

Lucifer Eye Contact Lenses

The American drama series Lucifer has shown us that creating a costume of Satan, doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. In this television show Lucifer played by actor Tom Ellis can be seen with glowing red eyes in numerous occasions within the show.  Without special effects, this would be a pretty impossible look to complete; however we have a few of our own costume contact lenses that fit this character perfectly.

The most realistic red contact lenses that fit with this iconic character are our Red UV i-Glow Contact Lenses. Available in 90 day durations, this pair of coloured contacts features a solid red block design across the iris. The difference between this type of lens compared to other block styles is the premium ultra violet finish which can be seen to give off a slight UV glow under a black light. If you’re indeed looking for the most realistic theatrical contact lenses for this character, this is the style to go for.

Red Contact Lenses, Lucifer Costume, Satan Eye Lens

See all of our Red Eye Contact Lenses here!

Satan Contact Lenses – Looks From Our Affiliates

At Coloured Contacts we’re incredibly proud to share all of the talented work that our lenses are featured in. We have had the honour of our lenses being used by some of the most talented affiliates across the world, and here’s your chance to see their amazing Beezlebub looks!

First up we have Instagram user @zoe_artistharvest showing off her devil inspired look to kick things off for Halloween! This amazing transformation look is absolutely incredible and with it looking as if the devil is bursting out, a pair of realistic contact lenses need to be utilised. For this post Zoe used our Orange Werewolf Contact Lenses and we think it looks fantastic!

Satan Contact Lenses, Devil Eye Lens, Lucifer Costume

Another affiliate that also stuck to the theme of the devil working within is @rubymediamakeup! Instead of creating a generic devil makeup post she has incorporated the look with a new Instagram trend! Have a look at the post below and see her wearing our red circle contact lenses!

Halloween Contact Lenses, Devil Cosplay, Costume Ideas

Finally, we have a post that will give you inspiration for your full devil look. In the post below we can see our long time affiliate @makeup_by_rups create a Devil Skull look, worthy of Satan himself. In this post she created horns and painted scary teeth while using our Red Blind Full Eye Contact Lenses. These types of Halloween Contact lenses are perfect for Lucifer and we think @makeup_by_rups talent is outstanding!

Demon Costume, Devil Contact Lenses, Theatrical Lens
Before you do anything, make sure to have a look at some more of our affiliate posts over at the Coloured Contacts gallery page. Here you’ll find more work featuring our lenses and a whole range of ideas for planning your next look with your contact lenses.  Also be sure to check out the Devil and Demon Contact Lens Sections for more styles! 

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Lucifer Contact Lenses, Satanic Devil Eye Contacts, Red Azazel Lens

Lucifer Contact Lenses, Satanic Devil Eye Contacts, Red Azazel Lens

Lucifer contact lenses are the perfect addition to any Satan Halloween costume. Here we show you the best red contact lenses that will help you become the television show character or the demon of...

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