Choosing Your Natural Coloured Contacts: Which Eye Colour Will Suit Me?

Choosing Your Natural Coloured Contacts: Which Eye Colour Will Suit Me?

Want to find the best natural coloured contacts for you? When choosing your natural coloured contact lenses there are plenty of aspects to consider such as which lenses will provide the best coverage for your natural eye colour, which lenses will complement your skin tone or hair colour, and what style of natural contacts will provide the best coverage. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing which eye colour will suit you to help you select a natural design and tone that you will love!

What eye colour will suit me?

Wondering what colour contacts are best for me? We definitely think it is a case of once you try one colour of natural contacts you will want to try them all! So whether you start with blue, green, brown, or grey the main thing to consider is the style of the coloured contacts. For example, if you have dark eyes, the best coloured lens for you will give vivid colour coverage in order to be able to mask your brown iris. We always say that the best coloured contact lenses for you are the ones that make you feel fabulous!

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What are the most natural looking coloured contacts?

If you are looking for natural coloured contacts to give you a new green, grey, brown, or blue colour to your eye then there are plenty of designs to choose from. The most natural coloured lens features a detailed iris design and vivid colour coverage. These natural contacts styles will help you achieve a gorgeous colour with a realistic style:

  • Tri Tone Coloured Contacts
  • Freshlook Coloured Contacts
  • Air Optix Coloured Contacts
  • Mystic Coloured Contacts
  • Two Tone Coloured Contacts

Looking for something to subtly add extra tones to your eye colour? These natural coloured contact lenses are great for giving a slight change to your eye, such as adding lighter or darker tones to your existing eye colour:

  • One Tone Coloured Contacts
  • Circle Coloured Contacts
  • Blends Coloured Contacts
  • Enhance Tint Coloured Contacts
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Do coloured contacts make you see colour?

Coloured contacts are designed to change your eye colour but this does not mean that you will see colour. You may experience a slight tint to the edges of your vision that many people describe as a halo. If you purchase a pair of our Enhance Tint Coloured Contacts then you are likely to see a colour tint to your vision as the colour covers the iris and pupil.

If you are purchasing coloured contacts make sure to only purchase from reputable sellers in order to ensure the coloured lenses are suitable for your eyes. At Coloured Contacts, we stock a range of non-prescription and prescription FDA Approved coloured contact lenses.

Which eye colour will suit my skin tone?

Every colour will switch up your look depending on your skin tone but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from certain tones. While it is true that there are some colour combos that naturally occur more commonly, the whole point of trying coloured contact lenses is to change your everyday look so whether you fancy trying out a pair of blue, brown, green, or grey eyes you are sure to look awesome. You could even take it a step further and try a pair of violet or purple natural coloured contacts!

What colour eyes look best with dark skin?

The most common eye colour that occurs naturally in people with dark skin is brown but there are natural occurrences of colours such as blue eyes being paired with dark skin. If you do have brown eyes then you may like to simply lighten your eye colour using natural hazel contact lenses. However, trying out a colour such as green, blue, or grey can help to bring out that gorgeous natural glow in your skin. After all, the point of trying out a new eye colour is to enjoy dramatically changing your usual eye tone! Whichever colour you decide on, adding a new natural eye colour to your look can be a fun way to enjoy trying out different makeup palettes and creating new colour combos.

What eye colour looks best with fair skin?

If you have a lighter eye colour, that commonly occurs with fair skin (hence the blonde hair, blue eyes stereotype) then you are likely to be able to enjoy good colour coverage for a large range of natural contact lenses. Generally, lighter eye colours are easier to cover. When it comes to what eye colour looks best with fair skin, we think that a bold vivid colour will really stand out. Choosing a bright green, piercing blue, or bold brown will help to provide an exciting change in eye colour that can be fun to try with new makeup looks. Whatever colour you opt for, the whole point of trying natural coloured contact lenses is to change your everyday look so the choice is up to you!

What eye colour will look best with your hair shade?

What eye colour looks best with blondes?

Naturally, blondes tend to have lighter eye colours such as blue but with plenty of people dyeing their hair to blonde, why not switch your eye colour too? The classic combo is blonde hair and blue eyes but with natural coloured contacts, there’s no reason not to pair other colours with your blonde hair. Why not try a hazel or vivid green eye colour to enhance your blonde locks?

What eye colour goes best with brown hair?

A classic eye colour that goes with brown hair is brown eyes. This matching set is one of the most common combos in nature but with coloured contacts to help you out, you can create a new trend. Change your eye colour to a light hazel or completely switch up your look with a new vibrant eye shade. Available from Coloured Contacts in grey, green, blue, and even purple natural coloured contact lenses designs; there will be no stopping you creating gorgeous new eye colour and brown hair pairings.

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What eye colour goes best with red hair?

Whether you are a natural redhead or are trying out an unusual shade of red hair dye, you may enjoy changing your eye colour too! Red hair is often seen with green or hazel eyes. Blue eye colours are very unusual with natural red hair so why not experiment with a new natural eye colour? While there is a list of most common eye colour and hair colour combinations found naturally, there’s no fun in looking the same as everyone else! With natural coloured contact lenses, you can enjoy trying any colour you fancy with your red hair.

The Best Natural Coloured Contacts For Covering Brown Eyes

You may have decided on which colour of natural contacts you want to try but the next step is to pick a design that will cover your natural eye colour. Some of our natural coloured contacts are designed to only enhance your eye colour while others will completely cover it.

What colour contacts are best for dark brown eyes?

If you choose a natural design with great colour coverage, you can try any colour with your dark brown eyes. The designs that are best for dark eyes are the Tri Tone, Freshlook, and Air Optix contact lenses available from Coloured Contacts. These brands and styles provide a detailed iris design that gives full colour coverage for a natural-looking brand new eye colour.

How do blue contacts look on brown eyes?

You will need to carefully choose blue contacts for brown eyes. If you choose a style that is very light blue or only covers the outer edge of the iris then they are unlikely to show against your brown eyes. Choosing natural blue contacts that offer full colour coverage will help to completely cover your brown eyes. The trick is to choose natural coloured contact lenses that are designed to give a block of colour rather than a style that features a flecked design which is intended to blend with your natural eye tone. Styles such as the tri tone lenses offer block coverage with the added bonus of a detailed design that features a dark limbal ring and colour flecks for a realistic finish.

So which are the best natural coloured contacts? Only you can decide which colour and design works best for you! Try whichever combination makes you feel great and enjoy switching up your natural eye colour for a new equally natural pair of coloured contacts. With so many detailed designs, your new coloured lenses are sure to fit in seamlessly with your everyday look.

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Choosing Your Natural Coloured Contacts: Which Eye Colour Will Suit Me?

Choosing Your Natural Coloured Contacts: Which Eye Colour Will Suit Me?

Need help choosing your Natural Coloured Contacts? Read our FAQs to find natural lenses that you will love!

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