Winter Ice Coloured Contacts Makeup with Makeupmadhouse

Winter Ice Coloured Contacts Makeup with Makeupmadhouse

Winter is here and with it comes the festive season! We know some of you love to create SFX and Halloween makeup all year round but for many, winter can be a chance to try something new. @makeupmadhouse is here to show you how to create a magical winter look, using our ice blue contact lenses.

Carrie, a.k.a makeupmadhouse has paired her ice contact lenses with a winter themed look, taking inspiration from cracked ice and adding some frosty features to her design. Her frosty eyebrows and eyelashes perfectly frame the ice lenses in her makeup look. Pair this with her incredible makeup skills for creating the cracked ice effect, and suddenly you have a full winter transformation.

Watch as Carrie takes you through each stage of applying the makeup to help you create your own winter makeup. Her easy to follow guide is sure to help you get to grips with SFX makeup. Make sure to watch until the end to see just how easy it can be to insert your ice lenses.

Creating Your Own Winter Ice Blue Makeup

Want to recreate Carrie’s icy makeup or have an idea for a look using the same coloured contacts? The ice walker contact lenses are available from Coloured Contacts in a variety of durations so you can enjoy them all winter long or simply use once and dispose of them in your household waste.

Just like Carrie says, it is important to soak your coloured contacts for at least 2 hours before use in lens solution, even if they are single-use duration. Want to learn more about how to use our ice blue contacts? Make sure to check out our Care Guides, including a super helpful video from Carrie on preparing and inserting your contact lenses.

Want to explore our full range of icy blue contacts? Here are some alternative options for your own blue winter coloured contacts:

  • Blue Shiva Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Blue Blizzard Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Blue Elf Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Blue Super Sky Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Blue Angelic Coloured Contact Lenses

These blue coloured contacts are available in a variety of durations as well as non-prescription and prescription variants to suit your needs. With a wide variety of prescription strengths available, you can enjoy clear vision as well as a cool blue contact lens.

All our lenses are made from a soft material which is breathable and lightweight so you can enjoy long-lasting comfort. You can be assured that we carefully choose our stock so that you can enjoy FDA Approved and CE Marked coloured contacts.

We have been working with Carrie for several years which just goes to show how much she truly loves her Coloured Contacts. We absolutely love working with her as she always produces incredible, creative makeup looks.

Makeupmadhouse Ice Contact Lenses

Want to see more from Carrie? Check out her gallery profile to see her latest work, social links, and videos! From ice blue contact lenses to our natural designs, Carrie has tried out plenty of styles and has created a range of amazing makeup designs to go with them.

Has this awesome wintry makeup design inspired you to create your own festive makeup? Grab your own ice lens or choose your own winter theme and be sure to tag us in your Coloured Contacts pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Winter Ice Coloured Contacts Makeup with Makeupmadhouse

Winter Ice Coloured Contacts Makeup with Makeupmadhouse

Makeupmadhouse is here to show you how to create a stunning winter SFX makeup look using our ice blue coloured contact lenses!

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