Carnival Contact Lenses: Ideas For Your Costume

Carnival Contact Lenses Guide | Fancy Dress Contacts Tutorial

Carnival is almost upon us! The time to wear your craziest or classic costume is back, and what better way to improve your fancy dress further with a pair of Carnival contact lenses.  

Looking for Carnival coloured contacts doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Fancy dress contact lenses are available in a variety of different colours and styles to suit even the most flamboyant of costumes! Due to the vast and varied styles that costume contacts are available in, it’s almost a certainty that you can get the perfect pair of eye contacts to suit your individual look without breaking the bank with outlandish props and garments. 

Carnival Coloured Contact Lenses | Tutorial with Makeup Madhouse

Are You Ready For Carnival Contact Lenses?

There’s no denying this year will be slightly different than previous Carnivals, but that gives us even more reason to celebrate. Whether you’re able to participate in a small social gathering or you’re left donning your fancy dress creations at home over a video call; let’s all join in on the fun and festivities.

If you’ve chosen you perfect costume ready for your event then a pair of costume contact lenses is the next step in creating the ultimate look. If you haven’t worn a pair of coloured contacts before, we’re sure you’ll be completely blown away by how much a difference they can make in just a few seconds. However, if you’re still stuck on which pair or style of carnival lenses to choose; remember it’s entirely up to you and your choice of outfit!

Carnival Contacts Lenses | Costume Ideas For Fancy Dress

Choosing Your Carnival Contact Lenses

Choosing a pair of carnival contact lenses can be a difficult choice. On Coloured Contacts you can choose between a variety of both Natural and Costume contact lenses, both of which can be great choices for a Carnival look.

Depending on how vibrant or stand out that you’re hoping you costume will be, it could be the deciding factor on which styles to choose. Have a read of the benefits of these styles below:

Natural Contact Lenses: If you’ve decided on a costume and you’re looking for a subtle eye colour change to enhance the look, a pair of cosmetic contact lenses may be just the thing you need. Natural contacts are available in a large variety of colours and styles but overall feature designs that mimic that of a natural iris. Fashion or circle contact lenses are a great choice for anyone looking to change their eye colour for a more glamourous carnival outfit. Find out more on our Natural Contact Lenses here.

Costume Contact Lenses: For the most creative and crazy costumes, Halloween contact lenses are the perfect choice. We believe costume favourites such as mimes and clowns only truly come to life when costume contact lenses have been worn. We can think of no better way to add extra colour and intensity to a costume. On Coloured Contacts you can shop a wide variety of super soft costume contacts that offer opaque designs to truly transform you into the costume or character you desire. Some of the most popular shades of costume contact lenses are Red, White, Yellow & Green Coloured Contact Lenses.

Carnival Contacts Lenses | Costume Ideas For Fancy Dress

How To Wear Carnival Contact Lenses With Makeup Madhouse

Now that you’ve found out why you should be incorporating carnival lenses into your next fancy dress look for the occasion, why not checkout our recent tutorial collaboration with the wonderful Carrie Esser a.k.a Makeup Madhouse.

In this tutorial Carrie puts to use her talented makeup skills with a pair of our vibrant yellow contact lenses to create a unique and inspiring vibrant mime makeup look. With ease, Carrie shows how easy a pair of these contact lenses can add a truly stunning addition even classic fancy dress outfits like a mime.  Be sure to watch the video above, and take a look at some photos of this look featuring our Carnival contact lenses below.

A long time affiliate to Coloured Contacts, Carrie has created a wide number of looks with our natural and costume contact lenses. Want to see more? Head over to her Coloured Contacts Gallery Profile here

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Carnival Contact Lenses Guide | Fancy Dress Contacts Tutorial

Carnival Contact Lenses Guide | Fancy Dress Contacts Tutorial

Find your next Carnival contact lenses and enhance your fancy dress. This guide features the best ways to get the most out of your Carnival costume and inspiration from Makeup Madhouse.

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