How To Use Halloween Contact Lenses All Year Round

How To Use Halloween Contact Lenses All Year Round

Naturally, Halloween contact lenses are most popular during spooky season but there are plenty of other occasions that can be enjoyed with a pair of Halloween contacts. From various events to costume ideas, Halloween contact lenses are a fun way to complete a range of costumes and get into the holiday spirit. Here are just a few ways that you can use Halloween contact lenses all year round, as demonstrated by our wonderful affiliates.

Events For Spooky Eyes

When we think of colored contacts Halloween, it is easy to think that they can only be paired with scary costumes but the vibrant colours and varied designs lend themselves to a range of other holidays too! To get the creativity flowing, here is a taster of some great ways to incorporate spooky eyes into your costumes.

One of the earliest events in the calendar year is Valentine’s Day. Some love to celebrate it while others love to hate it but for our talented MUAs, it is a great reason to get creative with makeup and coloured contacts. Check out @fx_freak making use of our Silver Mirror Contact Lenses for this sweet heart design.

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In case you missed it, this year we collaborated with @makeupmadhouse to bring you a Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial which you can view, hereRed Coloured Contacts aren’t just for creating demons for Halloween; they can also double up as the perfect alternative contact lenses for Valentine’s Day as shown in @makeupmadhouse’s romantic makeup look.

In Europe, Carnival season is celebrated in several different countries. These famous Carnivals are full of colourful costumes and fun, so if you are heading to one yourself or simply want to capture the Carnival spirit then a pair of cheap Halloween contacts can help to complete your costume.

Here at Coloured Contacts, our products are FDA approved Halloween contacts so you can be sure that your eye safety comes first.

Once again, we teamed up with the fantastic @makeupmadhouse who came up with this colourful mime costume featuring our contact lenses Halloween. For more on Carnival season at Coloured Contacts and to see the details of @makeupmadhouse’s Mime look, head to the full blog here or check out our Carnival range.

You can celebrate just about any holiday with a pair of spooky contacts. @fx_freak has proved that our Green Werewolf Coloured Contacts are not just for Halloween with this fun St Patrick’s Day look.

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With plenty of costume and natural green contact lenses to choose from you could create your own St Patrick’s Day costume, just like our talented affiliates. Check out @r.m.mua’s take on St Patrick’s Day with this fun Leprechaun design.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so they say and it is also the perfect excuse to get dressed up in the holiday spirit. Festive fun can be had with all kinds of Christmas-themed costumes from reindeer to snowflakes to Santa; there are plenty of ways to get creative during the holiday season.

@adrianalebronmua has used a pair of white contact lenses Halloween to create this cheeky Christmas Clown design. We adore the bauble nose and awesome makeup!

@jadensmakeup has also incorporated a traditional Christmas decoration in this cool festive design. With fairy lights painted all over, this spooky Christmas tree design is completed with a pair of our Black Mini Sclera Coloured Contact Lenses.

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Alternative Halloween Contact Lenses Costumes

While we have worked our way through the calendar, this isn’t the only way to add Halloween contact lenses cheap to your costume. These talented MUAs have been incorporating coloured contact lenses into their incredible creative ideas.

@claudexcosplay can be seen adding a range of our costume contact lenses to his awesome Cosplays so whether you have an event to go to or simply adore dressing as your favourite characters, grab a pair of Halloween contact lenses online to complete your cosplay. In this photo, @claudexcosplay is cosplaying Lucas Bishop from X-Men. Make sure to check out his other amazing Cosplays including Sasuke Uchiha.

However you like to cosplay, there are plenty of colours and designs to choose from, including specific character lenses which can be viewed here.

@fancymay_makeup shows us how it is done with this Lilith Firehawk cosplay from the Borderlands franchise. The clever makeup and Yellow Avatar Coloured Contacts Lenses help this character come to life.

Another great way to add coloured contacts to your costumes is to complete SFX makeup. If you are perfecting your SFX skills then why not try adding a pair of costume coloured contact lenses to your makeup.

A particular favourite of our affiliates is the blind effect range. These lenses are perfect for photoshoots and create an eerie blanked out style to the eye. @ladyparadoxx is demonstrating just how effective these lenses can be in this Frostbite SFX makeup.

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@jinxthefool uses one White Blind Contact Lens to transform into this awesome character by @lenabrowningmua. Be sure to check out @tomented_society to see more of their characters. Wearing a single blind effect lens is a perfect compromise as it allows you to see while still giving a super spooky effect to your SFX makeup or prosthetics.

Take your makeup art to the next level by using your face as your canvas just like @artbybmazz. In these incredible designs, artbybmazz recreates a sketch and a watercolour using makeup and a pair of our coloured contact lenses. We are absolutely blown away by these!

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A post shared by Brenna Mazzoni (@artbybmazz)

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If you want to create your own makeup look then make sure to browse our full range at where you will find 100s of styles to choose from in both prescription and non prescription. Below, we have added some quick links to help you find the styles you are looking for:

We would love to see your ideas for incorporating Halloween Contact Lenses into your looks all year round, so make sure to tag us on Instagram for your chance to have your design shared! Need to stock up on contact lenses for your next costume? Check out the full range of Halloween Contact Lenses, here.

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How To Use Halloween Contact Lenses All Year Round

How To Use Halloween Contact Lenses All Year Round

Find out how to use Halloween Contact Lenses all year round with these fun ideas from our amazing affiliates.

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