Red Coloured Contact Lenses: Fun, Freaky And Versatile

Red Coloured Contact Lenses: Fun, Freaky And Versatile

Red contact lenses are certainly a favourite option when choosing a pair of coloured contact lenses. A pair of brilliant red eyes means demons, vampires or a dash of evil within your everyday Cosplay character! We at Coloured Contacts think red is an awesome way to complete any look, whether that be horror makeup or impressive body art. There’s always something to love about sporting an awesome pair of red lenses.

The colour RED can really bring any look to life. With our strong colour pigment, our delectable shades of reds are sure to stand out in any of your chosen looks. Many of our red coloured lenses are perfect for horror and Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we should limit our horror looks to October 31st! We’ve teamed up with a whole load of social media users who have been rocking our red lenses on their social media channels.

Instagram Affiliate: @vampannie

As well as the classic Red Mini Sclera lenses, which cover a large amount of the eye, there are plenty of styles to choose from when it comes to selecting your new favourite pair of red lenses. You can choose the Kakashi lenses for your new anime outfit, the Red Cat’s Eye lenses for your new wild style or the Humanoid Terminator lenses for a steely robotic look.

  • Red Halloween
  • Red Blood Splat
  • Twilight Volturi
  • Red Mesh
  • Lava Eye

As well as these lenses, it’s always possible to dabble with some of our UV glow-in-the-dark lenses. The Wolf’s Eye and the Red UV i-Glow lenses are certain to make any look shine!

Horror Makeup Essentials

Of course, when you think of red contact lenses you can’t shake the scary stare of a pair of gleaming red eyes. Some of our Red Halloween Lenses that we have shared with our affiliates have been put to great use! The red lenses complete these amazing horror looks and take the overall finish to whole new levels of awesome. 

Instagram Affiliate: @absgc

We think a pair of red lenses should be at the top of your shopping list when you’re planning your next huge horror look! 

Instagram Affiliate: @ally_q_art


Evil Demons

As well as the huge range of super scary effects these lenses create some lenses are designed to add a huge new terrifying level to the simplest of looks. Demons, devils and monsters can sometimes take human form, but it’s a pair of glowing red peepers that will really show off their inner evil! Our red lenses feature styles from some of the biggest baddies in popular culture. 

Instagram Affiliate: @sajalyn

Choose from awesome Voldemort or Eye of Sauron lenses to unleash your evil side!

Instagram Affiliate: @liliphae

Perfect Cosplay Companions

As well as making all-out horror super achievable, there are plenty of Cosplay options when it comes to looking through our red lenses collection. We’ve already mentioned the awesome anime Kakashi lenses, but pairs such as the Wild Fire or Sunburst Explosive lenses are certain to bring a fierce and fiery Cosplay character to life. Above all, our Twilight Volturi lenses are certain to add the finishing touch to your favourite Twilight Saga looks, as shown here by one of our awesome affiliates!

Instagram Affiliate: @lolibelcosplay

For more contact lenses discussion, styles and inspiration, come and find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Red Coloured Contact Lenses: Fun, Freaky And Versatile

Red Coloured Contact Lenses: Fun, Freaky And Versatile

Come and see our red coloured contact lenses in action. Our awesome affiliates have been trying out some of our red lenses and have created some fantastic horror, demon and cosplay looks.

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