Blind No Pupil Contact Lenses: Everything You Need To Know

Blind No Pupil Contact Lenses: Everything You Need To Know

Our blind no pupil contact lenses are a hugely popular style of coloured contacts and we are always being asked about how they work and what effect they can have. We have created this informational blog post to cover all you need to know about blind coloured contacts and what you can expect from this freaky style of a coloured contact lens.

They Are Completely Opaque

As our diagram below shows, the lenses have a completely opaque centre. This means the lenses will cover your pupil. This can be great news if you really want to cover your dark eyes as the block colouration on the opaque contact lenses can offer more coverage than a standard pair of lenses.

Blind Contact Lenses

For a less opaque blind style, you’ll be pleased to know that our mesh contact lenses have a similar effect. Here, the entirety of the pupil and iris design is covered with transparent squares. This style of contact lens can give an alternative blind effect that is more friendly and practical to use.

They Will Obscure Your Vision

When in your eyes, it will be hard to see out of these no vision contact lenses. The pupil coverage will make it harder to see. This can make them an impractical choice for parties and nights-out as you may not be able to see where you are going.

If your heart is set on these solid contact lenses, then maybe they would be more suited to a photo shoot or quick snap before you head out to a Halloween party. Or, why not try a half and half look that only features a single-blind contact lens in one eye?

They Look Incredible

As our talented affiliates have shown time and time again, our blind lenses can look incredible when put to good use. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but we do love the striking red devil makeup from the very talented @makeup_by_rups! This captures the effect of the blind lenses in a truly creative way. Check out the link and give her a follow for more amazing work!

We would also like to thank @wildroseartistry for some of the incredible looks that she tagged our coloured contact lenses in. These styles are both gory and chilling in all of the right ways! The same shout-out goes to @typical_white_girl_sfx whose super creepy glazed-over-eye look takes this Red Riding Hood style to a whole new level of awesome.

They Are Easier To Wear Than Sclera Lenses

Some opt for full sclera contact lenses when aiming for the full blank eye effect. These contacts can be harder to wear and look after when compared to a normal-sized coloured contact lens. If you are new to contact lenses and want a full-on effect, then our blind lenses are more manageable and fun to use. Choose these as your first-time sclera alternative, and see how you get on with the coloured contacts.

Now you know everything you need to know about blind contact lenses, all that’s left is go and pick a pair for yourself! Head straight our blind contact lenses section here. Or, for our full range of scary styles, make sure to head to our dedicated Halloween Contact Lenses section.

If you’ve been inspired to recreate your own blind contact lens look then we’d love to see it. Make sure to send it our way on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We’re always looking to share, repost and celebrate the work of talented artists and creators. 

Image Credits: Thank you, as always, to our amazing affiliates and contact lens users who have allowed us to use their pictures in our blog posts. You make posts like this possible and your work deserves to be celebrated. We have, and always will, link to any artists featured, so make sure to check out their work and give them a follow. Find more affiliate information, click here.

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Blind No Pupil Contact Lenses: Everything You Need To Know

Blind No Pupil Contact Lenses: Everything You Need To Know

Our guide on everything you need to know, and can expect from, our standout range of blind no pupil contact lenses.

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