Monster Contact Lenses: Godzilla, Frankenstein, Dragon Eyes & More

Become A King Of The Monsters Like Godzilla With Our Halloween Contact Lenses

As you’ve probably realised, Coloured Contacts provides you with hundreds of different styles and shades of contact lenses so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for! Within our vast range of styles, we’re particularly proud of the massive list of FDA approved Halloween Contact lenses we stock, so can you can always dress up as you’re favourite monsters and characters with our amazing selection of crazy lenses! With a huge range of Halloween lenses to choose from, you can cosplay to your hearts content and give your costume creations the life they deserve!

As you may have seen floating around the internet, Godzilla 2 (2018) production has finally begun and has also been given its full title; and we can’t wait! Although the release has now been pushed back a year, Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) is stacking up to be one of the most anticipated monster movies of all time! Even making the new Kong movie look like a tiny kid’s film!

With this exciting new turn of events we’ve decided to create a small list of monster contact lenses to really get you hyped for some elaborate new costume ideas for your next fancy dress or Halloween party!. Within this short list we’ve included coloured contact lenses from our wide of range of our crazy contacts and Halloween lenses to give you some inspiration for some classic monster costume and cosplay ideas.  

Godzilla - Wild Fire Contact Lenses 

Wild Fire Coloured Contact Lenses (Daily)

So with the recent big news we’ve heard regarding Godzilla, we’ve chosen a pair of our Red/Yellow Wildfire lenses from our yellow non-prescription contact lenses to perfectly bring to life the destructive rage of king of the monsters! These daily lenses are perfect for any cosplayer re-creating the iconic lizard; and with their FDA approval they’ll keep your eyes comfortable for a whole day of shenanigans with ease.

Zombie/Frankenstein’s Monster

Frnakenstein @wildroseartistry White Blind Zombie Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses (90 Day)

Via Instagram User: @wildroseartistry

If you really want to add that depth and lifelessness to your next dress up, then our mini sclera lenses are to die for! The White Mini Zombie Effect lenses and White Blind Zombie lenses help cover you whole iris to truly make you one of the undead this Halloween. As well as this, they are also a great combo for witches and skeleton’s alike! So if you fancy stocking up on a 90 day pair, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

Werewolf Lenses

Yellow Cat UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses (90 Day) Orange Werewolf Coloured Contact Lenses (1 Year)

Fancy something a little more animalistic instead? Good news!  We have a massive selection of animal contact lenses to choose from that will really bring to life any werewolves that are lurking the streets this Halloween. Some of favourite crazy lenses we offer are the Yellow Cat UV I-Glow Coloured Contacts. These vibrant yellow UV lenses will be sure to bring the shock and envy of your friends to any events and parties you attend.

Or is realistic but scary more your thing? Love your fancy dress? Then our orange werewolf coloured contact lenses are a must for any wishing for a great pair of reusable lenses. These bad boys last up to 1 year if well maintained! So keep those fancy dress parties coming! You’ll always be ready to steal the show with these novelty contact lenses.

Vampire Lenses

Twilight Volturi Coloured Contact Lenses (90 Day)

The classic vampire costumes are always around at fancy dress and Halloween parties, and with good reason! Dressing as a vampire gives you a great chilling look without the hassle and effort that other costumes entail. Within our FDA Approved Halloween Contact Lenses section some of our favourite lenses to give you a haunting blood sucking vibe are our Twilight Volturi Lenses. These are an absolute must have to give you bright outstanding colour and a realistic authentic style! 

Dragon Remix

Another quirky idea you should try for your Halloween eye lenses is our Dragon remix novelty contacts which will give your eyes the terrifying look they deserve! These lenses have black elongated pupil to really draw the attention to your peepers as well as a scaled pattern outer! We have a wide selection of colours, so if you fancy some really crazy costume lenses, our website has it all!

So weather it’s for a dragon or even a lizard, we feel that these FX lenses are perfect for any crazy costume ideas!

Yellow Green Dragon Coloured Contact Lenses (90 Day)

So there you have it, some great contact lenses to bring the life to your costumes this Halloween! We have a vast selection of designs and colours; so you can rest assured that if you have an idea for a monster costume; we’ll have something to complete your look in our Halloween coloured contact lenses section.

Still confused on styles and ideas? Don’t forget to check out some of our later blog posts for some inspiration? Or even our Instagram for a deep look into the ways our affiliates make fantastic use of our Coloured Contact Lenses!

If you do decide to dress up as one of your crazy monsters this Halloween however, be sure to show us a pic on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! We’d love to see the ideas you come up with!

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Become A King Of The Monsters Like Godzilla With Our Halloween Contact Lenses

Become A King Of The Monsters Like Godzilla With Our Halloween Contact Lenses

Fancy look like a king of the monsters? Check out some of our top picks from our FDA Approved Halloween Contact Lenses for some inspiration!

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