Inspired by Pennywise the Clown: Scary Halloween Contacts

Inspired by Pennywise the Clown: Scary Halloween Contacts

Pennywise contact lenses are costume contacts that are used to portray the main monster in Steven King's horror movie IT. Tim Curry's Pennywise could be seen with yellow crazy clown contact lenses, whereas Bill Skarsgård's 'IT' creature look can be recreated with yellow UV glowing contact eyes.

A modern remake of Stephen King’s “It” hit the cinemas for Halloween 2017. Here at Coloured Contacts, we are always counting down until the scariest night of the year - have you started thinking about which costume you want to wear? No truly terrifying costume would be complete without a pair of spooky coloured contact lenses. If you’re planning on going all out for your costume then you may be inspired to make a crazy clown costume and take it to the next level with our Scary Halloween Contacts.

You may be considering which coloured contact lenses will best suit your evil clown costume. So here is a list of some ideas that we found particularly frightening. Check them out and see which lenses you think would be the scariest.

Pennywise Contact Lenses, IT Chapter 2, Crazy Clown Halloween Contacts

Get Pennywise Style Contact Lenses

Let’s start with the most recognizable and scariest clown. Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the neverending onslaught of terror that anyone would be giddy to try replicating. Luckily the eyes are relatively simple to reproduce using the Crazy Clown Coloured Contact Lenses which feature Pennywise’s off-yellow eye with a black ring around the iris. If you want to see how the Crazy Clown Lenses look then check them out in the video above modelled by @sarahmagicmakeup.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the same eyes as Pennywise. Check out our Yellow Coloured Contact Lens Section and find something that suits the style of the clown costume that you want. With all sorts of patterns, you will get an amazing circus style for your Halloween party.

Clown Cosplay Coloured Contact Lens Favourites

Looking at other Cosplayers and artists can be an excellent way to get some inspiration for a style you want to replicate. We have included a few clown cosplays from our affiliates, including the one above by @wink818. You can be inspired by anything, including this amazing picture of a red eyed clown. If you’d like to replicate a red eyed evil clown then the Red Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses are a great way to get this style. To see more clown character ideas click this link to see another of our clown blog posts!

If you expect to spend Halloween at a party with Ultraviolet lights then you can also try the Red UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses as they will give you an evil glow in the dark effect. The Red Coloured Contact Lens Section on our website has an amazing number of different styles for you to choose from.

FX_Freak, Pennywise

We really love the attention to detail from @fx_freak. If you want the same effect then try the White Zombie Halloween Colored Contact Lenses or the White Angelic Contact Lenses. Again you can have the glow in the dark White UV I-Glow Zombie Halloween Colored Contact Lenses as they will have the same style but with a shiny effect under a black light.

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Our final idea is from @makeupmadhouse who has used lenses from our yellow range to create her own version of Pennywise the clown so as you can see there are plenty of ways to bring this creepy character to life!

So those were some of our ideas for a crazy clown costume. Be sure to check out our Scary Halloween Contacts to see if we’ve missed a style that you would really like to use in your next costume. So will you be going to see the new “It” movie to get inspired for Halloween? We definitely will.

If you give one of our Halloween costume ideas a try then send a selfie to us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram so we can see your creativity.

Image Credits: Thank you, as always, to our amazing affiliates and contact lens users who have allowed us to use their pictures in our blog posts. You make posts like this possible and your work deserves to celebrated. We have, and always will, link to any artists featured, so make sure to check out their work and give them a follow. Find more affiliate information, click here.

Pennywise Clown Contact Lenses, IT Cosplay Contacts, Halloween Eye Lens

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Inspired by Pennywise the Clown: Scary Halloween Contacts

Inspired by Pennywise the Clown: Scary Halloween Contacts

Halloween will shortly be upon us, so browse through these crazy clown costume ideas. Get a pair of Scary Halloween Contacts that suit the outfit you're wearing for Halloween this year.

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