Pokemon Costumes Featuring Coloured Contacts

Pokemon Costumes Featuring Coloured Contacts

There are over 800 Pokemon in the Pokedex which makes these fun little pocket monsters perfect for creating lots of awesome Pokemon Costumes. With so many possibilities for Pokemon costumes for adults, we had to narrow it down to a few favourites for you!

Coloured contact lenses are the perfect addition to these Pokemon costumes adults because they add that finishing detail. Make your pupils look bigger for that cartoon style or change their colour to match the abilities of your Pokemon. We shall be looking at lenses to compliment the type e.g. Fire Type in order to give you a fancy dress winner!

These costume ideas are perfect for group fancy dress and every team needs a leader so our first costume is for those looking for Pokemon costumes Ash. Pokemon trainer costumes can be as much fun as creating your favourite monster, especially if you pair your peak cap and trainers with a pair of Red/White Pokemon Coloured Contacts! These Pokeball costume lenses are the perfect quirky detail. Make sure you have the accessory nobody else will have. After all we all know the tagline is ‘You Gotta Catch ‘Em All’!

Best Pokemon Costumes For Adults

It wouldn’t be right to have Ash without Pikachu so next up we have a Pikachu costume UK. This cheeky little ‘mon has the cutest face which is down to those sweet black eyes. His large eyes may seem innocent but we know this electric type Pokemon can pack a punch. We wanted to choose some lenses to reflect his electric moves, which is why we think the Butterfly Coloured Contact Lenses in pink would be perfect. These black lenses feature a bright pink pattern, just like a bolt of electricity.

We love the idea of using our Wild Fire Coloured Contact Lenses for a Charizard costume. The red and yellow flame effect reflects that fiery tail of this Fire and Flying Type Pokemon. Pokemon go costumes are sure to be popular for Pokemon costumes for adults Halloween this year so make sure to add a little spice to yours with these vibrant lenses. This lizard Pokemon makes the most perfect of Pokemon costumes for men!

Everyone has a soft spot for Bulbasaur. He is the first Pokemon in the Pokedex. This Grass Type Pokemon deserves his place in the top spot and is sure to make a fun Pokemon costume. We think the Blue Yellow Selene Coloured Contact Lenses would work perfectly for this little green monster. The turquoise blue of the lens is sure to compliment the colour of your costume and the little yellow details add a textured effect just like the pattern on his body. No need to find Pokemon costumes for sale. This costume would be easy to do yourself, all you need to do is treat yourself to the contact lenses and use an old green jumper to create the body. These gorgeous contact lenses look as if they could sprout flowers at any time, just like Bulbasaur’s evolved form! 

Jigglypuff is our favourite Pokemon costumes DIY. Grab yourself an oversized pink jumper and draw on the details. All you need to add is a pair of Pink Shimmer Coloured Contact Lenses for that complete pink makeover. Work your fairy magic with these glimmer lenses, just like Jigglypuff when she sends her opponents to sleep!

Pokemon Costumes For Halloween

It is coming up to that time of year when we start thinking about which characters we would like to be for Halloween. Why not forget the stereotypical zombie or vampire costumes and try out a Pokemon inspired look. You are sure to have plenty of fun with makeup and face paint and the clothing is easy to get your hands on. Go for the classic Pokemon onesie or shop around for Pokemon costumes Amazon. Whichever character you choose, make sure to visit us at Coloured Contacts for your Halloween contact lenses. This is sure to be the fancy dress accessory that will make your outfit a winner.

We think our contact lenses will be popular for Pokemon costumes UK. We ship to plenty of other countries too so there’s no need to feel left out of the Pokemon adventure! We would love to see your Pokemon costumes so why not tag us in a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Pokemon Costumes Featuring Coloured Contacts

Pokemon Costumes Featuring Coloured Contacts

Check Out These Awesome Pokemon Costumes Ideas. Complete Your Next fancy Dress Outfit With A Pair Of Coloured Contacts!

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