Alice In Wonderland: Mad Hatter Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume

Alice In Wonderland: Mad Hatter Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume

In the run up to Halloween, we wanted to help you choose the best contact lenses for your costume. Today we will be exploring the strange world of Alice in Wonderland. So step this way for an adventure and explore Mad Hatter Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume with us!

With so many unique and fun characters in the Alice in Wonderland book and film, this is the perfect theme for a fancy dress party or group costume. We know you will all want to be the Mad Hatter, especially since Johnny Depp’s interpretation of this crazy character but there are plenty of other awesome characters for Alice to meet on her adventures too and all of them will look even cooler with special effects contacts.

Mad Hatter Colored Contacts

To get eyes just like the Tim Burton version of the Mad Hatter you will need the Mad Hatter Green/Yellow Coloured Contact Lenses. These feature the same design as the film. With different coloured rings in brown, yellow and green, these mad hatter green contact lenses will give you the same wide-eyed look as the Mad Hatter. If you are a glasses wearer and want your costume to be as accurate as possible then be sure to check out our Green Tri Tone Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses which would double up perfectly as mad hatter prescription contact lenses.

@butterflyjasmine49 and @cynthiakoning have both created awesome Mad Hatter cosplays using our lenses. @butterflyjasmine49 has opted for Green Werewolf Halloween Lenses whereas @cynthiakoning has chosen a more natural style, with Green Natural Lenses.

If you would like to create a creepier Halloween style to your mad hatter eyes then we have some alternative options for you. The Mad Hatter Contact Lenses in yellow feature a yellow iris colour with a black limbal ring. This strong block of colour is sure to make you look like a creepy version of this melancholy character.

If you want to take it a step further then check out these mad hatter eyes contact lenses in red. These spiral effect lenses give the impression that the Hatter is having one of his sad flashbacks. For a truly crazed look, these lenses are perfect. They also look like they belong in the Disney movie with bold cartoon style colours. With so many lenses to choose from you would be mad not to shop mad hatter contact lenses UK with us and for Hatters in other countries, there are plenty of shipping options available!

The Cast Of Alice In Theatrical FX Contact Lenses

Alice wouldn’t have gotten very far on her adventure without the White Rabbit. This character is known for his classic line in the Disney version of Alice, ‘I’m Late, I’m Late, For a Very important Date’ so naturally the White Tick Tock Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses are perfect for this paranoid character. These novelty contact lenses feature a clock face with hands and Roman numerals. These awesome lenses are sure to stand out against a powdered white face and whiskers.

Another of the most famous characters in the film is the Queen of Hearts. This naughty queen simply loves to shout ‘Off with their head’ at anyone who disobeys her. If you are looking to complete a Queen of Heart costume make sure to try the Pink Love Heart Coloured Contact Lenses. These contacts feature a pink iris with grey heart shape around the pupil, perfect for this famous fictional royal.

No Queen would be able to rule her kingdom without her loyal Playing Card Servants. These poor soldiers are constantly in fear for their heads when carrying out tasks set out by the Queen Of Hearts. To make this into a cool fancy dress outfit you will need contact lenses costume Halloween. The Black/White Spade Coloured Contact Lenses and Black Club Coloured Contact Lenses are perfect for matching the suits in your eyes to the suit on your costume. This is the easiest costume to DIY. Simply cut out a giant playing card shape from cardboard and decorate.

Throughout Alice’s adventure, the Cheshire cat appears to offer her questionable advice. In the Tim Burton film, the Cheshire cat is depicted with bright aqua coloured eyes so if you are looking for Cheshire cat contact lenses we think you will love the Aqua Blue Cat’s Eye Coloured Contact Lenses. If you prefer the Disney Cheshire cat then you are going to need traditional  Yellow Cat UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses to complete your devious feline fancy dress.

If you want to be the perfect blue-eyed Alice but wear specs then be sure to check out our prescription Halloween contact lenses for ideas on how to turn your Alice into the perfect Halloween character. We recommend the Blue Glimmer Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses for an innocent wide-eyed style.

We think our range of Mad Hatter Contact Lenses is just as good as Halloween contact lenses Amazon and with enough styles to create the whole cast of Alice In Wonderland you can shop for your FX contact lenses all in one place. We would love to see your Halloween Alice in Wonderland costumes so why not share a picture with us, at Coloured Contacts via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just remember according to the Mad Hatter ‘We’re All Mad Here’!

Image Credits: Thank you, as always, to our amazing affiliates and contact lens users who have allowed us to use their pictures in our blog posts. You make posts like this possible and your work deserves to celebrated. We have, and always will, link to any artists featured, so make sure to check out their work and give them a follow. Find more affiliate information, click here.

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Alice In Wonderland: Mad Hatter Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume

Alice In Wonderland: Mad Hatter Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume

Mad Hatter Contact Lenses For Halloween Costume

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