Colored Contacts Sale: Even Cheaper Lenses For Halloween

Colored Contacts Sale: Even Cheaper Lenses For Halloween

The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived! We wanted to do something to say thank you to you all for being such awesome customers, so the Colored Contacts Sale has landed! With over 100 products to browse through, our sale is just as varied as the rest of our site. Get lenses for Halloween, cosplay or an everyday style.

We wish we could talk about every single pair of lenses we have in our sale but we want you to discover our awesome styles for yourself. With plenty of products to browse in our colored contact lenses sale, we don’t want to ruin the fun. From Naruto inspired lenses to creepy Halloween styles, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

We are obsessed with searching for cool fashion lens designs which is why our sale items are sure to look fab with your latest costume or cosplay. We know you love to hunt for a bargain so get shopping for cheap coloured contact lenses UK. Here are some of our top picks!

Our Top Colored Contacts For Sale

  • Black Manson 2 Coloured Contact Lenses. These circle contact lenses feature a blind effect lens with a white circle. Unlike block colour blind effect lenses, the white outer circle gives the effect of having the eyes of an alien or monster. It looks as if the pupil is huge! These crazy lenses are perfect for Halloween or sci-fi costumes. Imagine dressing as a bewitching enchantress or maybe a skeleton with freaky hollow eyes.

  • Red White Bezerker Colored Contact Lenses. These cheap colored contacts non prescription are sure to look awesome for a whole host of costumes. Look as if you have been possessed by a magical being or convince your friends that zombies are invading! Featuring a red outer ring and white iris colour, these lenses are perfect for pairing with gory special effects makeup. Make your order soon so you can use these coloured contact lenses Halloween.

Colored Contacts Sale

  • Black Yellow Wolf Coloured Contact Lenses. If you are looking for colored contacts for dark eyes then these lenses are sure to be the perfect match. Featuring a dark iris colour with yellow and brown detailing, these lenses are perfect for dressing up as a range of animals. Choose your favourite from the animal kingdom and get the eyes to match. From mystical werewolves to big cats such as lions and tigers, these lenses are sure to help you look the part. If you are planning on trying out face paint this Halloween then we think you will have plenty of fun creating a striped tiger face or gory claw marks to go with these wolf contacts. All our lenses have high-quality pigmentation so you don’t need to worry about finding coloured contact lenses for dark eyes. Freely browse all our colours and styles thanks to the vivid colours.

  • Green Aqua Solar Coloured Contact Lenses. It isn’t just about our spooky lenses. We also have a huge variety of natural coloured contact lenses. These are perfect for switching up your everyday style or matching the eyes of your favourite character. The solar lens range features a starburst effect in a different shade to the iris colour to create a bright-eyed look. You are sure to look like you have a cheeky sparkle in your eyes, just like in the movies with these natural look lenses.

Color Contacts On Sale

Everyone loves to browse the sale and grab a bargain so now is your chance to try something new. Is there a style you have always been tempted to try but haven’t been quite brave enough? Now is your chance to get a quirky pair of lenses for less. Add a pair of sale lenses to your basket as an extra little treat.

We think our sale is sure to beat coloured contact lenses Boots, Argos or Specsavers. Our colored contacts prices for non prescription lenses are already very low so with the added bonus of a sale discount, there is no reason why you can’t treat yourself to a little something next payday. Want your Halloween costume to be the best yet or planning a photoshoot with friends? Add some coloured contacts for a super cool style.

Make sure to share a picture of your favourite coloured contact lenses with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We love to see your costumes and makeup designs! With so many styles of non prescription colored contacts sale, you are sure to find the perfect match for your makeup palette or photoshoot ideas.

Don’t forget to check out our prescription section if you are searching for cheap prescription colored contacts! We have recently introduced our prescription coloured contact lenses UK so that glasses wearers can ditch the frames for a night and enjoy cosplaying characters without glasses.

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Colored Contacts Sale: Even Cheaper Lenses For Halloween

Colored Contacts Sale: Even Cheaper Lenses For Halloween

Get Even Cheaper Lenses For Halloween In The Colored Contacts Sale!

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