Justice League Costumes featuring Coloured Contacts

Justice League Costumes featuring Coloured Contacts


Get the whole gang together for a Justice League themed party or night on the town! Decide which character you are going to be and get the contact lenses to match. With this little personality quiz you can find the perfect character for you and the perfect cosplay outfit too. Delve into Justice League Costumes featuring Coloured Contacts and find out who your kindred spirit is.

We all know everyone is going to argue over Superman and Batman but they are very different characters. If you think you are Superman then these should be your superhero characteristics. The modern day Superman is loved for his bravery, kindness and sense of loyalty. He is the good guy in a world full of villains. His goal as a superhero is to help the underdog. If you think you are Superman then you will need the Red Mesh Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses to complete your Superman Justice League movie costumes.

On the other side of the coin, we have Batman. Just like Superman, he wants to fight crime after losing his parents. However, his approach is certainly different. Batman is more of a vigilante. He is the silent type who prefers to use actions over words. He is a scientist who uses technology to help him fight crime. If this sounds like you then your perfect choice of Justice League 2017 costumes is Batman. To complete your yellow and black Batman outfit you will need the Black Wolf Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses.

If you want to do it for the girls then there is no stronger female superhero than Wonder Woman. After the recent Wonder Woman film, the world has gone mad for this powerful lady. She certainly knows her own mind and will not back down from a challenge. You can be sure Wonder Woman will keep her word and stay loyal to what she believes in. Overall she is a kind-hearted character who is a fierce force to be reckoned with. Once you have got the outfit based on the new justice league costumes, all you need are the accessories. If you are on team Wonder Woman then you will love the Wolf Eye UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses.

Justice League Costumes For Adults

Still haven’t found your perfect character? How about the Flash? If you can’t stop talking about your latest technological achievements and are easily excited by new adventures then perhaps you are just like the Flash. If you can’t sit still for more than 30 seconds then he could be the character for you. If you have settled on The Flash for your Justice League costumes adults then you will need the Yellow Avatar Coloured Contact Lenses to match his lightning bolt. Once you have found a Justice League Flash costume for sale you can pop back to Coloured Contacts for the accessories.

If you are absolutely fearless and have the strongest willpower of anyone you know then you are sure to love the Green Lantern. Our Justice League costumes DIY has been inspired by his power ring. These Green UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses are sure to look just like the beam from this superheroes ring.

What do you think of the new Cyborg costume Justice League? This superhero has superhuman strength and a super cool electronic eye. If you are trying to create a cyborg costume for adults then you are sure to need the Grey Robot Eye Coloured Contact Lenses. This lens features a grey iris and red mesh pupil.

If you are a water baby and love nothing more than playing in the sea then you probably wish you could control water just like Aquaman. This character is set to be one of the biggest surprises in the new Justice League movie so we can’t wait to see it! If you would like your eyes to be the colour of the ocean then you are going to need the Blue Sapphire Tri Tone Coloured Contact Lenses for your Justice League movie costumes.

With plenty of Justice League costume ideas, you are sure to be able to create the coolest group costume in time for the new movie. Have you got your cinema tickets booked already? At Coloured Contacts we can’t wait for the release date. If you do create your own Justice League costumes, be sure to share a picture with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

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Justice League Costumes featuring Coloured Contacts

Justice League Costumes featuring Coloured Contacts

Are you excited about the new Justice League movie? Make sure to try Justice League Costumes featuring Coloured Contacts

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