Get Some Bright Ideas for Fantasy Contact Lenses

Get Some Bright Ideas for Fantasy Contact Lenses

If you’re a fan of Magic Realism or Will Smith, or both then the upcoming Netflix movie “Bright” should have you excited for a thrilling mythological adventure into Los Angeles. In a world where humans and mythological creatures live in coexistence, Orcs, Elves, Fairies and more are commonplace. From what we’ve seen of the trailers, it’s obvious that there will be several Cosplay costumes to come from these supernatural characters. When it comes to making a Cosplay costume perfect, the use of some Fantasy contact lenses is in order.

So check out the costume contact lenses that we have in store ready to make your Bright legendary creature costume stand out at your next Cosplay convention or fancy dress party.

Bright Movie Orcish Coloured Contact Lenses

Yellow Contact Lenses

If you have already seen the trailers, you will know that Will Smith’s partner player by Joel Edgerton is an Orc. A brutish creature with patchy ink blue skin and large teeth. Also one of the most recognisable features is their bright yellow eyes. To get the perfect freaky eye contacts for this look, we recommend a pair of lenses like the Yellow Avatar coloured contact lenses. These lenses do a great job of replicating the effect from the Orcs in the movie, but you can also search through our Yellow Contact Lens Section to find the best possible fantasy eyes to suit your Orcish costume.

Get Dark Elf Eyes with Fantasy Contact Lenses

Blue Glamour Lenses

The beginning of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton’s adventure occurs when a young elf played by Lucy Fry appears with a magic wand. This item of immense power is in pursuit by Leilah, a Dark Elf and antagonist played by Noomi Rapace. Both of these characters have particularly special eye colours. These fantasy blue eyes with a touch of white are really stunning but difficult to replicate. The Blue Glamour coloured contact lenses are a great light blue effect that would be a great addition to your Cosplay of either of these characters. So when you watch Bright, start thinking about which you’d prefer to replicate with a great fantasy costume.

White Lenses for Elven Eyes

White Manson Lenses

Unlike the two female elf characters, other elves have plain white eyes. In Bright, the most noticeable example is Kandomere, Edgar Ramirez’s character in this picture. The good news is that this eye colour is extremely easy to replicate and because our lenses are made with opaque colouring, it doesn’t matter how dark your eyes are when you use the White Manson coloured contact lenses to create your elf costume. So break out the pointy ears, cause your next costume is as simple as adding these special contact lenses.

Embrace the Magic in Your Eyes

Blue UV I glow contact lenses

Making a costume doesn’t have to be based on a character, just check out the awesome glow from the magic wand from the Bright movie. Its radiant blue is inspiring enough to make a costume where you too harness the power of magic and look like a total badass doing it. Adding the Blue UV I-Glow coloured contact lenses to your costume will let you have stunning blue eyes until you decide to unleash the magic by shining an Ultraviolet light in front of you. These lenses will then glow showing off your supernatural powers. It’s amazing how some special effect contact lenses can have a dramatic effect on your costume.

Make Mythology Medieval with Novelty Lenses

Iron Cross Contact Lenses

In the trailer of the Bright movie, there is a moment when Will Smith’s character holds up a rusty looking sword that we expect has some incredible power like many medieval weapons of legend. On the hilt are two crosses that could inspire a great medieval costume idea. Take a look at our White Iron Cross coloured contact lenses which would look great as part of your themed costume idea.

Those were just some of our ideas of fantasy contact lenses that would help create a great costume for a Bright movie character. Check out our Theatrical Contact Lenses section to check out some more options of great contact lenses to suit a whole range of costumes.

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Get Some Bright Ideas for Fantasy Contact Lenses

Get Some Bright Ideas for Fantasy Contact Lenses

The Bright movie is coming to Netflix soon and we've made a blog with our favourite fantasy contact lenses for making the perfect Cosplay costumes based on the characters of this new movie release

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