Unnerving Noel Costumes With Evil Christmas Contact Lenses

Unnerving Noel Costumes With Evil Christmas Contact Lenses

If you believe that Christmas is a time to be merry and bright, think again. Whether it’s the mythical entities that terrorise Europe or the disturbing creations of writers, there are plenty of reasons to be fearful at Christmas. So if you’re planning to dress up this Christmas, why not check out some of these great ideas for Costumes with Evil Christmas contact lenses. You will definitely get a kick out of scaring your family and friends.

Become a Christmas Nightmare with Krampus Contacts

Blackout Contact Lenses Mini Sclera

In parts of Europe, the name Krampus is surrounded by infamy. A horrific opposite of Santa Claus, Krampus is a part-goat, part-demon creation that will kidnap and attack naughty children. He is the origin of the lump of coal for badly behaved kids so it makes sense that his eyes are as black as his soul. Just check out this stunning Krampus Christmas makeup look from @fancymay_makeup using our Black Blackout Coloured Contact Lenses. You could take this to the next level however by using the Black Mini Sclera Coloured Contact Lenses and make your eyes even darker. Make your costume the best with some Krampus contact lenses.

Get a 2-for-1 Look with Evil Christmas Contact Lenses

Green Tri Tone

While you’re enjoying the hair-raisingly scary Krampus costume, how about enjoying a misunderstood Disney protagonist and make a Jack Skelington costume. The black lenses would also suit nicely as Nightmare Before Christmas contact lenses. You can even get your significant other to play Sally with a pair of Green Tri Tone Coloured Contact Lenses or follow the look of this picture and go as both.

Evil Santa Is Coming To Town

White Blind Contacts

There are many ways that Santa can turn evil. His cabin fever may reach breaking point or he may be incredibly susceptible to Mad-Reindeer disease. Or in this case, he might be a yuletide zombie ready to pick your brains. That’s why the White Blind Zombie Coloured Contact Lenses would suit your evil Santa costume perfectly. With this outfit, you can watch as the expecting smiles of your loved ones slowly turn to looks of horror as you start chewing on a large amount of pink bubble gum.

Winter Is Here With Jack Frost Eyes

Ice Walker Blue Contacts

When we see the layers of ice and snow covering the ground and rooftops, we say that Jack Frost has been to visit. While the aftermath might be pleasant, you would hate to meet old Jack Frost in the darkest night. There are many different depictions of this mythological character, but traditionally he is a light blue or white colour. His eyes are the same, so we would recommend the stunning Blue Ice Walker Coloured Contact Lenses. When you get your hands on these ice blue contacts you can also use them for a Game of Thrones Cosplay making them super useful.

Steal the Christmas Spotlight with a Grinch Costume

Green Mystic Contacts

The iconic Dr Seuss character that terrifies the Whos of Whoville is the favourite evil Christmas character for many. With his fuzzy green hair and large green eyes, this is a pretty simple costume that really only requires a quality onesie, some green makeup and our Green Mystic Coloured Contact Lenses and you can have a creepy Grinch look just like this look from Your heart will grow three sizes when you see how much you love these lenses.

The Most Evil Elf of All

Blue Cosplay Contacts

You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf, but did you know he is secretly the most evil of all of the Christmas characters? Just look at that pale blue stare. He is completely remorseless while he’s plotting who knows what. Get your own Elf on a Shelf and during the night before Christmas, take him down. Once everyone notices he is missing, Jump into the room with your costume and enjoy the screams of all of your friends and family. The Blue Cosplay Coloured Contact Lenses are the perfect cuteness to make your costume truly disturbing.

With so many lesser known evil Christmas characters, there are plenty of outfits that can reflect your love for all things creepy and scary this Christmas. So get searching for the perfect Evil Christmas Contact Lenses for your outfit idea. If you’re holding out for other Christmas coloured contact ideas, give us a like and follow on FacebookTwitter and Instagram cause we’re always coming up with new ideas for you.

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Unnerving Noel Costumes With Evil Christmas Contact Lenses

Unnerving Noel Costumes With Evil Christmas Contact Lenses

Add a quirky change to your Christmas season by scaring the pants off of your loved ones. Check out these Evil Christmas Contact Lenses that are perfect for a scary Christmas character like Krampus...

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