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Need inspiration? Check out Costumes To Try With Yellow Contact Lenses from our Instagram affiliates. From scary to fun to wolf styles, yellow lenses can be used for a huge range of characters!


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If you need to know ' What are the nearest cosplay events near me'? Coloured Contacts has you covered with a list of the top anime and cosplay conventions happening in the UK in 2018.


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Start planning your My Hero shonen anime cosplay before the long wait for season 4! Finish off your costume style with our Boko No Hero Academia Contact Lenses! Featuring ideas for All Might, Midoriya, Todoroki Shoto, Kirishima and Shigaraki!


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We're making the most of the wait for Seven Deadly Sins season 2 by looking at the new PS4 game release and getting the perfect Cosplay coloured contact lenses for your 7DS themed costume.


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Contact lens preparation is a key part of making your experience safe and secure. Here's our guide on how to ready and soak contact lenses before use.
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