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Which sci fi contact lenses would you like to try? With some many extra-terrestrial beings to explore, we thought we would show you a selection of our alien friends. Enjoy FX styles and Galaxy prints


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Make sure your summer isn’t a bummer... Coloured Contacts has a number of stunning natural coloured contact lenses and we think they're the best way to spice up your summer months!


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Are you looking to add a splash of fantasy inspired colour to your stare? If so, then be sure to check out our extensive range of colourful lenses here at Coloured Contacts!


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How you look after your contact lenses when not in use is just as important as how you use them when they are going into your eyes. This is particularly true when it comes to reusable styles.


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Robot Contact Lenses are a fun fancy dress style that can be used for both Halloween and other costume occasions. Choose from terminator, cyborg, bionic eye and cybernetic styles to create your own robot alter-ego!
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