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We are excited to share the work of @jota_studio a.k.a. Jorge Garcia. He is a Spanish makeup artist who creates awesome cinematic shorts on his YouTube channel, as well as makeup tutorials. With a keen eye for aesthetics and detail, his videos are sure to have you hooked.


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Calling all cosplayers! Are you searching for some show stopping contacts for your next event? Then you need to check out our latest blog 'Cosplay Lenses: Find Your Perfect Pair!'!


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Try out the ultimate creepy contacts look in some of our awesome Marilyn Manson Contact Lenses; find out everything you need to know about these coloured contact lenses here!


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If you're thinking of buying cosmetic contact lenses, make sure you read 'Coloured Contacts Aftercare: 10 Golden Rules' to get the best out of your new accessories!


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Looking for the ultimate pair of creepy contacts for Halloween or a fancy dress party? Check out our blog, 'Hide Those Eyes: Sclera Contact Lenses!' for everything you need to know about these special effects contact lenses!
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