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We've teamed up with professional makeup artist @LadyParadoxx to create this video tutorial on how to use contact lenses. Find out the best practices and how to insert and remove your coloured contact lenses ready for Halloween!


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We have been lucky enough to be working with MUA @ladyparadoxx for quite some time now. With plenty of experience in using contact lenses, we wanted to find out what she thought of our latest natural contact lens styles.


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Enjoy an alternative style of Halloween makeup from our affiliates with occult costume looks. Inspired by Ouija board designs and fortune tellers, this is sure to add some magic to your Halloween event!


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Check out our latest blog and find out the latest ideas for costumes with contact lenses for cosplay. We're featuring some of our favorite Instagram affiliates and their secret coloured contacts that finish off their posts!


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Start planning your My Hero shonen anime cosplay before the long wait for season 4! Finish off your costume style with our Boko No Hero Academia Contact Lenses! Featuring ideas for All Might, Midoriya, Todoroki Shoto, Kirishima and Shigaraki!