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Become A Coloured Contacts Affiliate

We are looking for new bloggers and social media users to try out our lenses and to review them on their site and media channels. Coloured contact lenses are becoming a hugely popular fashion accessory, so we want plenty of people to try them out! Think you’d be suited to trying out our lenses? Then read on to find out some more about our current affiliate scheme.

Our Affiliate Opportunities

We are more than happy to send out contact lenses and accessories to people willing to try out and review our coloured contact lenses. From product reviews to how-to guides, to showcasing lenses in makeup and beauty looks - we just love to see all the different ways people showcase our products.

We have already had a huge number of awesome affiliates trying out our lenses. We’ve seen Cosplayers, makeup artists, beauticians, cosmetics lovers and SFX horror artists try out our lenses – it’s fair to say that they’re a pretty flexible cosmetic accessory! Check out our Instagram to see how our contact lenses have been put in action.

As well as letting the world know just how awesome these lenses look, we want everyone to know how to use these lenses safely to make for a fun and positive contact lens experience!

Please contact our web team on our Affiliate Sign Up form if you feel like you would make a good candidate for being a Coloured Contacts affiliate. Before contacting us, please refer to the agreement below which you are agreeing to by contacting us to be an affiliate. As well as this please address the following criteria in your initial email to us, to make it easier for us to judge your suitability as an affiliate.

  • Your Age
  • Your Country Of Residence
  • Links To Your Website/Blog/Social Media Channels

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Please note that we cannot guarantee that all applications to be an affiliate will be successful.

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Contest/Event Sponsorship

In addition to sending out lenses for review and showcases, we are more than happy to provide contact lenses or vouchers as prizes to sponsor an event. If you have a contest/competition/event/convention where you think your followers would be interested in our lenses then please get in touch with the email address above for further information.

Affiliate Agreement

The health of your eyes is of paramount importance to us. Before using any of our contact lenses you must confirm that ALL the statements below are true if they are not please DO NOT apply to be an affiliate. By contacting us, you are confirming that the following statements are true:

1) You are over the age of 18 and have normal, healthy eyes.

2) You understand that coloured contact lenses are not for use by any persons who suffer/are suffering from:

  • Any eye infections (E.g. Conjunctivitis),
  • Any corneal condition (E.g. Keratitis),
  • Any allergic eye condition (E.g. Hay fever),
  • Any chronic or serious disease of the eye (E.g. Glaucoma),
  • Any inflammation of the eye (E.g. Iritis, Uveitis)
  • Corneal Ulcers, or
  • Corneal Dystrophies

3) You confirm that you will use cosmetic contact lenses for aesthetic and fashion eye colour enhancement only and not as an attempt to correct any sight defect of any sort.

4) You confirm that a registered medical practitioner, a registered optometrist or a registered dispensing optician has given you comprehensive & clear advice and instruction on the fitting, wearing and removal of these contact lenses.

5) You have also received clear instructions and guidance relating to the safe wearing, removal and care practices of your new coloured contact lenses. Our guide can be found HERE.

6) You are aware of the need for regular, periodic check-ups with a registered medical practitioner, a registered optometrist or a registered dispensing optician to maintain good ocular health.

7) You understand that you should consult a registered medical practitioner, a registered optometrist or a registered dispensing optician prior to using these coloured contact lenses, or if you have any doubts about their suitability.

If you have any questions or doubts about your suitability to become an affiliate, please make sure to contact our team (on our Affiliate Sign Up page), who will be more than willing to help you out with questions.

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