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    Grey Tri Tone Coloured Contact Lenses (Daily)

    Grey Tri Tone Coloured Contact Lenses (Daily)

    Get a stand-out grey stare in the Daily 3 Tone Grey Coloured Contact Lenses!

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  • Grey Tri Tone Coloured Contact Lenses (Daily)


    Get a stand-out grey stare in the Daily 3 Tone Grey Coloured Contact Lenses!

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    0.00 / Plano
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    • Manufactured in the UK
      Manufactured in the UK
      Ensuring quality, innovation and design.
    • Suited For Dark Eyes
      Suited For Dark Eyes
      A natural effect with a more detailed design, allowing for increased coverage over your natural colour.
    • Natural Look Lenses
      Natural Look Lenses
      Transform your everyday eye colour and enhance your style.
    • Sterile Guarantee
      Sterile Guarantee
      Fully packaged in sterile, buffered, isotonic saline.
    • Soft Contact Lenses
      Soft Contact Lenses
      High water content and lightweight materials make these coloured contacts soft, breathable and comfortable to wear.
    • Duration 1 Day
      Colour Grey
      Quantity 2 Per Pack (Pair)
      Power 0.00 / Plano
      Diameter 14.5
      Base Curve 8.6
      Prescription / Corrective Lens No
      Style Natural
    • Get a steely grey stare for the day in the Daily 3 Tone Grey Coloured Contact Lenses!

      These gorgeously grey contact lenses feature a 3 tone, mixed colour to give them a richly pigmented and authentic finish. These cosmetic lenses sit directly over the iris to transform your natural eye colour, but won't have any negative affects on your vision, so you won't be bumping into anyone at the party!

      The Daily 3 Tone Grey Coloured Contact Lenses are disposable contact lenses that last for just one day once opened, perfect for giving you a one-night flirtation with a new eye colour, without the commitment of replacing your natural colour for long. Ideal for CosplayHalloween or simply switching up your every day look, get these grey contact lenses in your accessories box today!

      • Comes as a pair
      • Featured design covers iris and pupil
      • Full visibility remains
      • Once opened product lasts for 90 days
      • Contains 38% water
      • Contacts are kept in sterile buffered isotonic saline
      • Manufactured in the UK

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