Top Festival Makeup Looks For 2018

Festival Makeup Easy Simple Glitter Trends

As we head through spring and are looking towards summer, we are starting to think about the festival season. With Coachella launching the season last week, we are starting to see some trends emerging. Our love affair with glitter continues and geometric shapes are at the top of the list too, but here are some of our favourite alternative festival makeup styles from our very talented Instagrammers!

Maybe you don’t want to follow the trend, or perhaps you will set your own. These fabulous designs are sure to help you complete your look. So you have bought your outfit? Maybe you even have your hairstyle sorted. You don’t want to leave makeup until the last minute since it can tie your entire style together so start exploring our festival makeup looks here.

Easy Festival Makeup

If you want to stick to a subtle hint of colour added to your normal makeup routine why not think about picking up a brightly coloured eyeshadow. As far as festival makeup products go this is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to achieve an amped up look.

@jassilallmua is hoping for some sunshine with this gorgeous yellow and orange style. That thick eyeliner really complements the bright colours too. Do we spy a hint of festival makeup glitter in the yellow eyeshadow? This is surely essential for your festival style. Our favourite way to finish off a makeup palette is with a pair of our Coloured Contacts to match. These are some of our favourite styles for creating a bright sunny style:

Our next simple festival makeup is by @horvattamara who is rocking a street style. Imagine a bright cropped hoodie with a pair of 90s inspired trousers. She has matched her eye makeup to her outfit to create a cool co-ordinated style. In this look, @horvattamara has opted for a natural lens which can be just as fun as a costume style. Switch up your natural colour to give you a new colour palette to play with. Here are some of our favourite natural styles:

Professional Festival Makeup

Our next looks are going to take a little more time and patience to achieve. We definitely recommend practising before the big day if you plan on trying out a style inspired by these.

This style by @butterflyjasmine49 is going to require a face paint festival makeup kit, especially if you want a complete rainbow of colours. This dotted style can be achieved with a cotton bud or similarly shaped tool. Dab on your face paints to create a unique pattern. A pair of contact lenses can help to accent one particular colour. In this style, @butterflyjasmine49 has opted to highlight the green colour using our Green Werewolf Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses. Here are a few more lenses we think would look awesome with this makeup.

This look is by @beautyinthe_shadows and is going to require plenty of time and a steady hand. If you aren’t so good at face painting in the mirror why not ask a friend to help? This floral, fan-like design on her cheek is sure to look awesome with bohemian styles and floral dresses. Here are the contact lens styles we recommend:

Our final style is from @ladyparadoxx. This style could be fun for those of you heading off to rock and metal music festivals this year. This subtle style is easy to achieve and could take your look from every day to full-on festival. Featured in this look are our Black Spiral Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses.

If you are in need of more inspiration or a tutorial you can always search for festival makeup YouTube then pop back to Coloured Contacts to pick up a matching pair of contact lenses.

Remember there is nothing wrong with looking back to last year for inspiration so if you haven’t been to a festival yet this year why not share your festival makeup trends 2017 pictures with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. We would also love to know what you think this year’s festival makeup trends will be!

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Festival Makeup Easy Simple Glitter Trends

Festival Makeup Easy Simple Glitter Trends

It is getting near that time of year again! Coachella is already in full swing so now is the time to perfect your Festival Makeup. Why not include a pair of our contact lenses for that stylish edge?

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