Your Guide To Fantasy Eyes Contact Lenses

Your Guide To Fantasy Eyes Contact Lenses,  Cheap Halloween Eye Contacts

Are you a fan of dressing up and participating in your local and national cosplay conventions? Or perhaps you’re just interested in creating a master pierce once a year for Halloween or a fancy dress party? If that’s the case then there is really only one thing for you; fantasy eyes contact lenses

Within this blog we’ll give you some ideas of how to recreate some of your more popular character from television shows and blockbuster movies! We’ll be looking back at some of our favourite Halloween contact lenses blogs to show you our best fitting lenses!

Already know what you’re looking for? Then feel free to head straight to our fun coloured contact lenses website here.

The Best Fantasy Contact Lenses

When you hear the words fantasy, there’s one iconic movie franchise that comes to mind; The Lord of The Rings. Not only do these films set in the iconic MiddleEarth have something for everyone when it comes to a thrilling fantasy tales, the costumes of the various races are downright incredible.  

Some of our favourite lenses that we have shown off in previous blogs are our specifically designed Eye Of Sauron Contact Lenses. These fantasy eye contacts will allow you to show off the iconic look from the movies; so you can either dress as the Dark Tower or full chainmail and your costume will blow people away!

Do you feel that you’d pull off a better costume as a towering Urukai? How about trying out our Lurtz Remix Coloured Contacts to recreate a terrifying Orc costume!

Fantasy Non Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses

Lord of The Rings contact lenses  maybe more catered towards the diehard fans, but we’re sure some of you are looking for some colored contact lenses Halloween that are slightly more on the innocent side. Our Alice in Wonderland blog is a great place to start and there are some amazing quirky Halloween contact lenses costume ideas that will totally blow your mind! From the ideally named Mad Hatter Contact lenses to even some of our quirky novelty fun contact lenses for the various soldiers of the Queen of Hearts, there really is something to finish any characters unique costume! 


Check out the full Alice in Wonderland Blog here or keep reading to check out more styles!

Game Of Thrones Fantasy Eye Contacts

Now that we’ve touched upon some of our favourite movies and characters to dress up as, let’s have a look into how to create the perfect television show costume with some Game Of Thrones contact lenses. Although we have to wait another year until the fated release of Season 8, we’re counting on our special contact lenses ideas that we’re about to show off will rekindle your hype.

One of our more favourite styles for a Game Of Thrones costume are no doubtingly the Ice Walker 90 Day Coloured Contacts available from the Coloured Contacts website. These are great for a White Walker cosplay, and are also available in prescription varieties here. But if you’re in a great need to show the full scale power of the Night King, we would have to recommend the Blue UV I-Glow Coloured Contacts from our Halloween and zombie contact lenses range.


See our Game Of Thrones Contact Lenses blog here!

Picked up a pair of our reusable lenses with no place to store them? Don’t forget to check out our contact lenses case section here and prepare with some new accessories! Let us see your next Fantasy Eye Contacts and costumes by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Your Guide To Fantasy Eyes Contact Lenses,  Cheap Halloween Eye Contacts

Your Guide To Fantasy Eyes Contact Lenses, Cheap Halloween Eye Contacts

Fantasy Eye Contacts are a great way of reinventing yourself with an epic costume or cosplay. As well as being used for Halloween contacts you can pull off some of the finest characters from Game...

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