Sci Fi Contact Lenses: Out Of This Galaxy Halloween Lens

Sci Fi Contact Lenses: Halloween Costume FX Lenses

With all these talented affiliates creating awesome sci-fi looks, we’re finding it impossible to not think about the styles you could try with our sci fi contact lenses. We stock a number of weird and wonderful designs – in addition to our galaxy print contact lenses – and we think they’re the perfect way to get an alien appearance!

So, whether you’re looking to cosplay or just want to let out your inner space character, you’ve come to the right place to get a quirky extraterrestrial look. So what are you waiting for? Read on and get the out-of-this-world look of your dreams!

Cat’s Eye Costume Contact Lenses

Sci Fi Contact Lenses

This may seem like an odd choice for this list at first, but hear us out. While cat-people may be seen as more of a fantasy thing than a science fiction one, there have been many sci-fi cat-human characters in actual fact. After seeing this look from @simone_cleary can you deny that there’s something otherworldly about a person with cat’s eyes? These theatrical fx contact lenses have helped Simone create her own take on the Santanico Pandemonium character from Dusk Till Dawn.

Sci Fi Halloween Contact Lenses

We highly recommend that you take a dive into our FX section and have a look for yourself because there are simply too many designs available to do our range justice. As you can see our black and white designs are perfect for creating your own sci fi characters. Check out this look by @c_lina69 featuring our Cross Coloured Contacts. With plenty of special effects contact lenses to browse this is the perfect starting place if you are looking for lenses for your costume. If you haven't created your costume yet, then why not begin with the lenses? It may help you choose a colour theme for your look.

Sci Fi Halloween Coloured Contacts

Galaxy Contact Lenses

If you want to go for a low-key outer space look, we recommend taking a look at our sumptuous selection of galaxy lenses. Who says you have to be a sci fi character? Why not transform your face into your very own planet with the help of body paint. Our galaxy contact lenses give a gorgeous space style to your iris. @jassilallmua has created this purple starry night with a pair of our galaxy lenses so if you would like your own pair of star contact lenses, shop here.

Sci Fi Contact Lenses

Finally, blind contacts are a great way to get an old-school alien look due to the fact that they have a completely unnatural appearance. While many people like to use them for zombie looks, we think they’re also incredible for aliens. Part of this is because they come in a wide range of colours – meaning that there’s plenty of options when it comes to fine-tuning your extra-terrestrial appearance. @wildroseartistry demonstrates just how creepy our blind lenses can look!

If you would like to ditch the glasses to complete your alien transformation then we have plenty of prescription fx contact lenses too. Shop our prescription Halloween contacts here.

So what do you think? Are you craving an out of this world look? Why not share you finished look on FacebookTwitter or InstagramWe would love to see how you style our sci fi contact lenses.

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Sci Fi Contact Lenses: Halloween Costume FX Lenses

Sci Fi Contact Lenses: Halloween Costume FX Lenses

Which sci fi contact lenses would you like to try? With some many extra-terrestrial beings to explore, we thought we would show you a selection of our alien friends. Enjoy FX styles and Galaxy prints

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