Get The Best Skeleton Costume Featuring Coloured Contact Lenses

Get The Best Skeleton Costume Featuring Coloured Contact Lenses

Halloween is fast approaching! We know you will want to start getting organised for costumes so for those who are considering a skeleton costume check out these amazing makeup designs featuring Coloured Contacts. These Instagram users have been getting inspired by our lenses and have created all kinds of skeleton costumes. From scary to colourful to glittery, we have got them all!

Blue Eyed Skeleton Costume Ideas

Does this blue eyed skeleton costume girl remind you of anyone? @courtneyleighhollins took her inspiration from Harley Quinn. We know that we are guaranteed to see hundreds of Harley Quinn outfits this Halloween so why not do something a little different and try out skeleton costume ladies Harley Quinn. Our Blue Block Coloured Contact Lenses are perfect for recreating Miss Quinn’s famous baby blues. Get that innocent yet bad ass look with a pair of blue peepers! Worried our lenses won’t cover your naturally dark eyes? You can shop happily with Coloured Contacts. We use high quality pigmentation in all our contact lenses so you can be sure to get full colour coverage.

This female skeleton costume Halloween is naughty and nice. With one blue eye and one red eye who knows if this skeleton is coming to spook you! For the best big eyed effect use the Blue Dolly Coloured Contact Lenses and check out our red contacts for ideas. This look is created by Instagram user @beautyinthe_shadows. We love the multicoloured paint used for this costume. It gives a Day of the Dead style to the look, don’t you think? We reckon this colourful style would also work for a couple’s costume. Paint on a candy skull effect and you have got an easy and cheap skeleton costume mens.

We have one last blue eyed skeleton for you. This one is not as sweet and innocent as the others. Check out @wink818 wearing our Aqua Blue One Tone Coloured Contacts Lenses. The creepy chest bones and blue colour are super effective. This sure does have the scare factor. The yellow details and purple braided hair is sure to rank this at the top of creepy skeleton costumes for girls. If you aren’t as talented with a makeup brush as @Wink818 then you are sure to be able to get a skeleton costume Amazon, eBay, Tesco or Asda and add the finishing details with a pair of our contact lenses.

Skeleton Costume DIY

If you don’t fancy going for the blue eyed style then take a look at these alternative eye colours. Instagram user @typical_white_girl_sfx has created this studded and glittery skeleton perfect for that gothic edge. This would look cool as a mens skeleton costume if you stick to the eye catching silver, black and blue tones. This skeleton is more stylish than scary so if you want to feel glamorous on your Halloween night out then get ready to glitter up. Pair this style with our White Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses for the perfect contrast with the dark body paint.

If you are looking for skeleton costumes for adults then coloured contacts is surely the best way to add that finishing detail. If you want to take your costume to the next level why not check out our UV contacts range. Instagram user @c_lina69 has used our Pink UV Coloured Contact Lenses with UV body paint to create a creepy glow. This is sure to look awesome at night or on the dance floor.

No matter which eye colour you want to use for your skeleton costume it is sure to look super cool with some UV body paint or a skeleton costume bodysuit. Why not dress up the whole family with a skeleton costume for child. This is sure to look super cute and give you luck when you are out trick or treating. It is important to note that we advise only using fashion contact lenses if you are over 18 and have checked your eye suitability with your eye doctor or optometrist.

If you don’t want to dress up as a skeleton this year why not scroll through our blog posts. We have been showcasing the very best spooky costumes from clowns to werewolves! You are sure to find plenty of inspiration. When you have created the best costume with our coloured contact lenses why not share a picture with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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Get The Best Skeleton Costume Featuring Coloured Contact Lenses

Get The Best Skeleton Costume Featuring Coloured Contact Lenses

Get Ready For Halloween With Easy Skeleton Costumes and Contact Lenses

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