Christmas Makeup Ideas Featuring Coloured Contacts

Christmas Makeup Ideas Featuring Coloured Contacts

Christmas Day is fast approaching! With less than a week until the big day, have you planned your makeup and outfit? There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and trying to figure out what to wear so make sure you don’t leave it until the last minute. Get inspired by Christmas Makeup Ideas Featuring Coloured Contacts!

Whether you love to dress up or spend the day in comfy casuals there is no reason not to add a touch of magic to your makeup. Show off your new style at parties or impress your family and friends. Make sure you are ready to try out a crazy new style when you find Christmas makeup sets 2017 under your Christmas tree.

Christmas Party Makeup Looks

Fed up with wearing the same Christmas jumper to every office party? Forget about Christmas clothes and celebrate the season through your makeup! This first style features a Christmas classic. Weave some adorable glittering fairy lights around your brows and choose an eye makeup colour palette to match. Use eyeliner or a brow pencil to create the string of lights and fill in with your favourite sparkly makeup. In every Christmas makeup tutorial, you are sure to find a hint of red and green so make sure you have these colours in your Christmas makeup collections 2017. To add some extra glamour to your look we suggest adding some lenses from our Glimmer range. We think the Green Glimmer Coloured Contacts Lenses or Hazel Glimmer Coloured Contact Lenses are sure to look perfect.

The next Christmas makeup looks 2017 features a cute Santa hat above the eyebrow. If you want to switch up this style you could place the Santa hat on your eyelid or in the corner of your eye. Pair with a red eyeshadow and if you are feeling especially daring, add some sparkles. Long lashes are sure to ensure you are feeling gorgeous at your next festive party. Make sure you ask for all the best beauty gifts 2017 to create this awesome look. We think the Resident Evil Coloured Contact Lenses or the Pokemon Coloured Contact Lenses are the perfect colour for pairing with this look. Who says lenses can’t be used for more than one character?

The third look is more about creating that winter wonderland effect. We may not have a white Christmas but this style is sure to make you feel like a snow queen. This is a cool Christmas makeup ideas blue eyes because this is sure to reflect the colour of frost and ice. If you want to enhance your eyes further then we have several suggestions for this style.

For this look, you are going to need some glitter and white makeup. Draw on your snowflake and remember every snowflake is different! Add a little white powder around your eyes and eyebrow then apply your glitter around the eyelid.

Christmas Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

The white makeup in this cute penguin style creates a striking contrast against darker eye colours. The smoky upper lid brings out the deep eye colour. Don’t have naturally dark eyes? Coloured Contacts is here to help with the Chocolate Brown Tri Tone Coloured Contacts or Brown One Tone Coloured Contact Lenses. If you would rather try something that reflects the colours of your new penguin friend then be sure to check out the Prism Coloured Contact Lenses. You are going to need to get arty for this style. Draw on your penguin while looking in the mirror or ask your friend to help! Add some glitter to your look for extra Christmas magic.

With plenty of new Christmas makeup releases 2017, ‘tis the season to get creative. There are plenty of cute Christmas characters you can transform into makeup styles from Christmas elf makeup ideas to reindeer so don’t be afraid to try something new. The beauty of makeup is that you can wipe it away and start over. We hope Santa brings you the best makeup gifts 2017 and pairs some cool Coloured Contacts with them.

Which has been your favourite of our Christmas Makeup Ideas? Let us know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and be sure to share your favourite Coloured Contacts pics with us!

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Christmas Makeup Ideas Featuring Coloured Contacts

Christmas Makeup Ideas Featuring Coloured Contacts

Christmas Makeup Ideas Featuring Coloured Contacts

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