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This year Coloured Contacts are pleased to be sponsoring Adelaide Zombie Walk for their annual event! Every year zombies gather for one night to raise funds for their local Foodbank charities.


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Need inspiration? Check out Costumes To Try With Yellow Contact Lenses from our Instagram affiliates. From scary to fun to wolf styles, yellow lenses can be used for a huge range of characters!


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Get Ready For Halloween With Easy Skeleton Costumes and Contact Lenses


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30 Truccatori Di Instagram Da Seguire Per Halloween


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Halloween 2019 is off to an incredible start thanks to our super talented affiliates. They have been busy filling up our Instagram feed with crazy SFX creations so here are some of the top looks so far!


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Whatever you like to do to celebrate the festive season, be sure to check out our Top 10 Christmas SFX Makeup Looks From Instagram. These inspiring MUAs have created a range of tutorials, scary SFX looks, and Christmas makeup styles to share with you.


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Dai un'occhiata a questi look di San Valentino alternativi dei nostri affiliati. Questi stili cruenti ti mostreranno che c'è di più a San Valentino delle lenti a contatto con il cuore!


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Our Blank Eye Contacts range is perfect for creating Halloween looks and for other costumes. In this blog, we explore some of the styles you could try with your Blank Eye Contacts.