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Creative Contact Lenses are nothing without the talented people who use them to create talented costumes and cosplay. Take a look at some of our recent affiliates and fuel your costume inspiration.


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Robot Contact Lenses are a fun fancy dress style that can be used for both Halloween and other costume occasions. Choose from terminator, cyborg, bionic eye and cybernetic styles to create your own robot alter-ego!


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Ottieni gli occhi gialli spaventosi per abbinare l'aspetto terrificante di Valak, la Demon Nun, resa famosa dai film horror Conjuring.


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Need inspiration? Check out Costumes To Try With Yellow Contact Lenses from our Instagram affiliates. From scary to fun to wolf styles, yellow lenses can be used for a huge range of characters!


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Le nostre lenti a contatto cieche sono delle lenti a contatto dallo stile molto richiesto, e ci chiedono continuamente come funzionano e che effetti danno.


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30 Truccatori Di Instagram Da Seguire Per Halloween


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Find your sea legs with Under the Sea, Mermaid Coloured Contacts. Dive into an ocean adventure and add sparkle to your eyes.


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Our Blank Eye Contacts range is perfect for creating Halloween looks and for other costumes. In this blog, we explore some of the styles you could try with your Blank Eye Contacts.