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Check out our latest blog and find out the latest ideas for costumes with contact lenses for cosplay. We're featuring some of our favorite Instagram affiliates and their secret coloured contacts that finish off their posts!


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Ottieni idee alternative sullo stile di trucco di Halloween dai nostri affiliati con look di costumi occulti. Ispirato dai disegni e dagli indovini di Ouija, sarai elettrizzato dal prossimo evento di Halloween!


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Are you looking to release your wild side? Check out Tiger Eye Contact Lenses to create your own ferocious feline. Explore a range of other big cat styles too, with cat eye contacts!


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Try out the ultimate creepy contacts look in some of our awesome Marilyn Manson Contact Lenses; find out everything you need to know about these coloured contact lenses here!


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30 Truccatori Di Instagram Da Seguire Per Halloween


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Our Blank Eye Contacts range is perfect for creating Halloween looks and for other costumes. In this blog, we explore some of the styles you could try with your Blank Eye Contacts.