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No Commitment, no contract, cancel anytime with our contact lens subscription service

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No commitment, no contract, cancel any time with our contact lens subscription service
free uk delivery
Build your subscription using any product on our site. Contact lenses, multi-packs, cases and solution included.
cancel at anytime
With no contract and no commitment, it is easy to opt out of your subscription at any time, with no extra charge.
customise your plan
Choose from a range of options for your subscriptions: choose how often you want to receive your contact lenses.
pause at any time
Pause your subscriptions at any time with the option to easily resume when you want to continue your plan.
premium support
Our dedicated customer service team are always on hand to help you with your subscriptions and with any questions.
full documentation
Your customer account will contain a full overview of your subscription and gives you full control of your plan.
email reminders
We'll keep you up-to-date with subscription notifications on dispatch, payments and when it is time to renew.
hassle free payment
Our simple payment system does it all for you; payments are taken automatically when your subscription is due.


It’s easy to set up a coloured contact lens subscription. Once you have decided on your subscription plan, you can continue to our checkout as if you were placing a regular order. After you have checked out, our subscription service will do the rest for you! You will receive your contacts as per the order frequency you have selected. Payments will be taken automatically and your subscription will run until complete.

Once you have completed your subscription it is all too easy to set up a new one! You can set up the same order again or can choose something new; simply restart the subscription process detailed above.



We love rewarding our loyal customers with regular discounts and savings. Each subscription order placed on Coloured Contacts gives you access to additional subscription rewards. Starting from just your second order, you can start enjoying FREE UK delivery. What’s more, if you have subscribed for five orders or more you can enjoy 5% discount on the orders in that subscription. These discounts and rewards will automatically be applied so you won’t need to make any adjustments once you have placed your first order. Please note that your subscription discounts and rewards may not always be compatible with other Coloured Contacts promotions.


Can I have more than one subscription?

You can set up a range of subscriptions to suit exactly what you need. This is especially useful for customers who would like natural styles all year round and costume styles for certain events or holiday seasons.

You can keep track of all your subscriptions in your account and can pause, resume or cancel them at any time. Please note that the rewards and discounts are applied to each subscription individually.

How does the payment system work?

The payment system we use for our subscription service is called Sagepay. This is a secure system that can take repeat payments from your Debit or Credit card for your subscription. Unlike a one off order, subscription payments will be taken automatically when you next order is due to be dispatched.

When you complete your payment via Sagepay the system will ask you if you would like to save your card details. This is separate from the repeat payments that will occur for your subscriptions meaning you don’t have to opt in to having your card details saved.

Can I change my subscription after I have already set it up?

We are currently unable to change subscriptions once they have been set up. In order to change your subscription we recommend cancelling the subscription you no longer require and setting up a new one with the amended details.

You can select a custom end date for your new subscription if you wish, and continue receiving your amended order until the same date as your original subscription was due to end.

You can set up multiple subscriptions so you also have the option to pause your current subscription and add a new one.

I don't have any money this month! Can I pause my subscription and continue next month?

With no contract and no fixed time-frame we are giving you the control of your account and subscriptions. This means you can pause your subscription for as long as you need.

Once you are ready to resume your subscription, all you need to do is log into your account and take the hold off your subscription. Your plan will then continue until the original date you selected.

If you pause your subscription, any orders that were due to be dispatched during that time will be missed rather than put on hold. This means your subscription end date will stay the same but the number of orders you receive will be reduced.

Payment will not be taken for any orders missed on a paused subscription.

If the payment of a recurring order is not successful, your order will be automatically paused. Whilst paused, no orders from your subscription will be dispatched. You can resume your subscription in your account tab or notify our customer service team that you wish to resume your subscription. Please contact our customer service team if you need to make changes to your payment. Please be aware they may ask you to cancel your subscription and set up a new one.