Blank Eye Contacts: The Blind Effect Style

Blank Eye Contacts: Blind Effect Halloween Coloured Contact Lens Style

One of the most popular types of contact lenses is blank eye contacts also known as blind effect styles. These lenses completely cover the iris and pupil giving a creepy finish, perfect for events such as Halloween. You can also achieve this style with our single colour contact lenses such as Black Halloween Contact Lenses which cover the iris in a black single tone but do not cover the pupil.

While the full coloured eye contacts can look awesome and are perfect for photoshoots it is important to note that they will obscure vision so may not be the best choice for an evening out. Many people opt for wearing just one contact lens and leaving the other eye without a contact lens to create a spooky half dead style.

If you have your heart set on a pair of blank contacts then you are in for a treat. If you want to see all the colours available please visit our Blind Lenses section here. If you need some help deciding the best style for your costume or outfit then keep reading for inspiration from out talented affiliates.

Blank Halloween Coloured Contacts

If it is white sclera contacts that have taken your fancy then check out this winter inspired style from @fancymay_makeup. She is wearing our White Blind Coloured Contact Lenses and while they may not be sclera lenses, with this style you will still achieve a blank white contact lenses effect.

The opposite of our white blind contact lenses, black sclera contacts will give you a one tone black shade, sure to look extra petrifying. We offer Black Blind Contact Lenses or Black Mini Sclera Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses so you can enjoy a larger iris style. While these lenses are the best for creating frightening Halloween looks they are also great for including in your comic book or pop art styles. Check out this Poison Ivy inspired style by @courtneyleighhollins.

"Poison Ivy" straight from a comic book! This is my spin on the awesome Poison Ivy! Just makeup! I wanted to to stick with my usual comicy /popart style and so glad that i did! Ivy is complete with her 2 little pets! My entry into the #makeupdoll40k contest! Category "bad".Hosted by the amazing @_themakeupdoll .Wish me luck!! xxx ❤@colouredcontactsuk @mehronmakeup @undiscovered_muas @stanwinstonschool @talnts @kryolanaustralia @nyxcosmetics_australia @nyxcosmetics @wolfefaceartfx @essence_cosmetics @ellimacssfx @jordanhanz @kimberleymargarita_ @mariamalone1122 @dupemag #makeupartist #mua #bodyart #amazingmakeupart #perthmakeupartist #australianmakeupartist #courtneyhollins #poisonivy #comic #comicbookhero #villain #comicvillain #supernova #comicon #cosplay #cosplayer @sillyfarm @bearded_horror

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As we mentioned, if you are looking for completely black coloured contact lenses but don’t want to cover your pupil then you can try out our Black Halloween Contact Lenses. These lenses can look almost identical to the Black Blind lenses but will allow you to see perfectly. This is a good option for a night out in a fancy dress or an evening of trick or treating. shows how awesome these lenses can look with her Wednesday Addams inspired style. This is also a better option if you are looking for cheap coloured contacts non prescription.

If you are looking for prescription sclera contacts then Coloured Contacts is the place to shop for your corrective costume lenses. We have exactly the same style in our prescription range called the Black Blackout Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses. These lenses give a black tone to your eyes but also give you clear vision.

You can dare to try something a little more unusual with blind effect blue contact lenses. These bright ice blue lenses are perfect for creating underwater themed body art or celestial beings. Just check out this awesome mermaid inspired style by @queenofluna. These cheap coloured contacts are sure to attract plenty of attention due to their vibrant tone.

Our final look is suited to our favourite night of the year. These Halloween contacts will give you the classic devil style that is so popular. Our Red Blind Coloured Contact Lenses have been used by @makeup_by_rups for this devil skull style. The blood red shade will have people seeing fire in your eyes.

~ Devil Skull ~ In collab with one of my faves who I’ve been following for aaaaages @makingjade - go check out her devil skull - it’s ridick!! ..................................................... Products: @mehronmakeup Red paradise paint & liquid latex @wolfefaceartfx Essentials palette for black @kryolanuk White aqua colour paint @dermaflage 3D dimension red blood and dried blood @colouredcontactsuk Red Blind lenses (warning - these will impair your vision! They’re not meant to be for seeing out of, just for the effect!) . . . . . . #halloweenmakeupideas #halloweenmakeup #mehronmakeup #31daysofmehronhalloween #skull #udmhalloween #illusionmakeup #creativemakeup #makeupart #makeupartistsworldwide #horror_sketches #thehorrorhub #5fingerssfx #dupemag #bodypaint #facepaint #sfx #sfxmakeup #hudabeauty #100daysofmakeup #makeuptutorialsx0x #melformakeup #makeupforbarbies #gigirlarmy #wakeupandmakeup #skullmakeup #iamanartist

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As you can see blank eye contacts aren’t just for Halloween. They can complete your comic inspired costumes, fantasy looks and are also perfect for Halloween. We would love to see what outfits and makeup styles you have tried out with your Blind Effect or Single Tone contact lenses so why not share a picture with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Blank Eye Contacts: Blind Effect Halloween Coloured Contact Lens Style

Blank Eye Contacts: Blind Effect Halloween Coloured Contact Lens Style

Our Blank Eye Contacts range is perfect for creating Halloween looks and for other costumes. In this blog, we explore some of the styles you could try with your Blank Eye Contacts.

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