Have you heard? Coloured Contacts now stocks FreshLook lenses! If you haven’t heard of this brand you may not understand why we are getting so excited about it so in this blog we are going to explain some of the awesome technologies used in these lenses to create the unique look and feel. From FreshLook ColorBlends technology to Focus Dailies Features, here is what makes these lenses special.

  • 3-in-1 ColorBlends Technology: Put simply, this means you can expect a vibrant, realistic colour whichever shade you choose. The inner and outer rings are enhanced and defined and the lens has a blend of colours running through the entire iris. This gives the look of natural colour flecks just like a real eye and makes the FreshLook ColorBlends colours the most realistic on the market.
  • LightStream Technology: The manufacturing process ensures the lenses are extremely thin which means you can easily insert your lenses. It also allows oxygen to reach your iris. This will keep your eyes feeling fresh and hydrated.
  • Focus Dailies Technology: Do you hate the feeling of dry eyes after a day of wearing your contact lenses? With FreshLook lenses this feeling will become a distant memory. The moisture technology keeps your eyes hydrated with every blink. This means they will act more like a natural eye and will keep deposit build-up at bay.

FreshLook ColorBlends Colours

Here comes the fun part - choosing your new natural colour! There are two directions you could take when selecting a colour. You can choose the same colour as your natural eye for an enhancing effect or you can try a totally new hue for a complete transformation. The vibrant colours will help cover your natural shade.

FreshLook ColorBlends Grey

  • FreshLook ColorBlends Grey: Steel grey eyes can have certain mesmerising qualities. One of the rarest eye shades, this silvery colour could help you unleash an alter-ego. Wear for an everyday change or add to a cosplay to match your favourite characters.

FreshLook ColorBlends Green

  • FreshLook ColorBlends Green: The emerald green colour of these contacts is offset by a subtle hint of brown for that realistic finishing touch. Not many people are lucky enough to have naturally green eyes so take the opportunity to try this mystical colour.

FreshLook ColorBlends Pure Hazel

  • FrehsLook ColorBlends Brown: The FreshLook ColorBlends pure hazel can help you lighten your dark brown eyes. This light honey coloured tone is a subtle yet dazzling shade of brown.

FreshLook ColorBlends Blue

  • FreshLook ColorBlends Blue: This sought after eye colour will give you a gorgeous pair of baby blues. Infused with brown colour flecks, this is sure to look super realistic and give you the blue eyes you have always dreamed about.

Freshlook ColorBlends Review Features

Our new range of Freshlook ColorBlends Dailies comes in packs of 10 so you can enjoy a week of colour changing fun. The individual blister packs will keep your lenses sterile until you are ready to use them. Be aware you will need to properly prepare the lenses before inserting them. Whether you love to change your look at the weekend or fancy heading to the office with brand new peepers, these lenses are easy to use. These One Day lenses can be worn once then thrown away so you can skip the hassle of having to store your lenses.

The other awesome feature of these FreshLook ColorBlends contacts is that they are prescription so you can select the power for each eye and enjoy clear vision, free from glasses as well as a fun colour switch. If you are purchasing any of our coloured contacts lenses it is vital you check your eye suitability with your optometrist or eye doctor before you make your purchase.

When you shop FreshLook ColorBlends UK you can now enjoy a discounted price. Our FreshLook range is affordably priced so you can enjoy trying out a new natural colour for less. If you are buying from other countries you can enjoy a variety of shipping options for cheap or fast delivery.

Now you know all the high tech features of our new FreshLook ColorBlends lenses you can see there can be more to a contact lens than meets the eye. These advanced contacts are sure to feel comfortable and look amazing. Why not share a picture with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram of you in a pair of our FreshLook lenses?