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One of the most popular categories of cosplay is comic book characters. With vast universes of comics, movies, series, and artwork there are plenty of iconic characters to try. DC Comics cosplay offers a range of characters for fans of villains, superheroes and misfits. These unforgettable characters also have unforgettable clothing, makeup and eyes. 

DC Comics

Unsere DC Comics-Objektivbilder

Our incredible team of cosplay affiliates have created full cosplays, body paint, and makeup of these characters to help get you started with your own DC cosplay. Whether you are just getting into cosplay or are refining the details on a seasoned cosplay character, DC Comics has an extensive universe of characters to choose from. See our gallery of DC Comics cosplay pictures to help you choose the perfect coloured contact lenses for your costume.

Some of the most famous DC Comics characters come from the Batman series. We often see affiliates cosplaying as Harley Quinn, The Joker, Batman, and Catwoman. If you want to try DC Comics costumes for adults or makeup art then these characters are a great place to start.

One of the most instantly recognisable DC cosplay male is The Joker. Several versions of the Joker have hit our screens and every one provides the opportunity to test your SFX makeup skills. Create the gory wide smile that gives the Joker his name and pair it with different features depending on which version you are creating. Jared Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad features a ‘Damaged’ tattoo on his forehead paired with vibrant green hair. In contrast, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker has clown face paint including a white face and green triangles over his eyes. As you can see in our picture gallery, our affiliates have cosplayed many different versions of The Joker including creating their own interpretation of The Joker’s costume.

Whether you are creating a group cosplay or simply love DC’s most iconic female character, Harley Quinn is a great character to cosplay, especially if you are new to it. Harley Quinn clothing can be found easily and paired with her iconic hair colour and style. Apply Harley Quinn makeup and if you are feeling extra, change your eye colour. She typically has blonde hair and blue eyes so change your eyes to match or buck the trend and try a different unusual eye colour.

With each Batman movie comes the anticipation for the new suit. The hype around this iconic DC Comics character means that people have grown up dressing up as Batman. If you are now into seriously detailed cosplay then you can create amazing results with a professional-level suit, makeup, and the right coloured contact lenses to match Batman’s eyes which are blue in the comics.

Catwoman is similarly sleek in her black catsuit but has had a range of masks and variations in her appearance throughout the many versions that have appeared on screen. To match her feline appearance, Catwoman has green eyes in the comics. Green is one of the rarest eye colours in humans so you may need help from a pair of green coloured contact lenses to achieve this iris tone. 

The DC Comics universe expands far beyond Batman and the characters from this series but these are the most well-known. There are so many amazing strong DC cosplay female characters including Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy who both have vibrant costumes and bright eye colours. 

Male DC Comics cosplay characters have a variety of personalities and types of characters to offer too including Superman, Aquaman and Green Arrow. For those with a more in-depth knowledge of the DC series, there are so many lesser-known characters to cosplay.

There are so many exciting cosplay opportunities within DC Comics but it is time to let the images do the talking. This DC cosplay ideas photo gallery is designed to help you see what can be achieved with makeup and DIY skills. Adding the finishing touch of coloured contact lenses will help you to match every detail of your cosplay to the version of the character you are creating. 

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