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Do you fancy trying something unique, alternative and mysterious for a contact lens wearing encounter? Do you want to stand out from the crowd, get noticed and turn some heads? Well, why not fly off into the sunset and Get Crow Contact Lenses? The time is now to crow, peck, scavenge and flash your distinctive eyes! Let Coloured Contacts dial your contact lenses experience up a notch! We are proud to present the most creative and vast range of contacts to suit all tastes, styles and occasions.

A pair of crow fashion lenses will construct the perfect omen to compliment your dress-up outfits and everyday clothes. Add some dark drama, mystery and flair to your usual wardrobe choices with a pair of crow-style spooky eyes! You’ll take flight into the awaiting night with your wild eyesCrow cosmetic lenses will help you become the cock of the costume party walk! Unleash your inner blackbird for special occasions such as HalloweenNew Year's Eve and fancy-dress parties. So, get your pair now, and be the early bird who catches the worm!

We invite you to go and take a virtual scroll through our alluring designs and choose from our colossal display of styles, colours and special effects. Have a creepy black crow symbol on your lenses. Some examples of similar exciting designs are Spider (black spider on green background), Bat (black bat on red and white background), Dracula Bat (black bat on yellow background), and Emerald Dragon (black dragon on emerald background). Also be sure to check out our animal range and choose from models like Wolf, Lizard, Predator, Cobra and our ever-popular Cat’s Eyes.

Channel the energy of the movie The Crow, which has become a cult classic, by wearing a pair of crow contact lenses. Goth and emo cultures have a significant influence on pop culture these days, and so creatures like crows are finally getting their time to shine. Werewolves and vampires are overdone, but crows are on the rise. Take a look at Colour Contacts’ range now.

A Bit More About Our Enormous Range

Coloured Contacts likes to keep your peepers happy by offering an eye-popping variety of styles and designs! You can choose between AnimalZombieBlindMesh & ScreenUltra Violet (UV) and Natural Effect. Unleash your chained-up inner animal when you wear animal contacts, which convert your eyes into those of favourite creatures! Zombie contacts will morph your eyes into those of the living dead! Create an interesting effect using colour and texture with Mesh & Screen contacts!

These different varieties can help you hone your crow look and decide what kind of bird you want to be. Birds come in all shapes and sizes and so do people’s tastes. At Colour Contacts it is our aim to give you the opportunity to break from the flock and develop a look that is unique to you.

Choose to have just your iris covered in Mini Sclera or cover up your whole eye-area for a freaky, demonic effect in Sclera. Check out our off-beat, imaginative range of special effects contact lenses as well. To mention just a few of our remarkable, breathtaking SFX lenses: Blood RazorHell’s FlameSpiralBlack Cross and Coffin. The SFX range also features lenses with the flags of countries, which is perfect for sports events!

Absolutely no prescription is needed to wear our contact lenses. Coloured Contacts provides non-prescription novelty contact lenses that anyone can wear. They are designed for people with eyes of all different colours, and work incredibly well for dark eyes. They have been created to look wonderful on all skin tones, and look equally impressive on fair skin and dark skin. Our lenses are also affordable and this will make your wallet happy! Why not give Amazon and Freshlook a break? Coloured Contacts can be your one-stop shop for contacts, offering a creative and vast range of lenses to suit all tastes, styles and occasions.

Coloured Contacts Convenience

We offer swift delivery options for your convenience, as well as easy payment options. UK clients get the luxury of a next day delivery option, which is particularly priceless if you need a pair of lenses immediately for a party or event. In addition, our customer care department is available to handle your support queries, no matter how trivial or strange.

At Coloured Contacts, we believe that contacts must not only fulfil their aesthetic directive, but that they must be really comfortablesafe and easy to wear. That is why our contacts are produced using only the finest quality materials. We are stocked excellent UK brands such Eyefusion, who are king when it comes to quality, flexibility, durability, comfort and style.

Our contact lenses are available in the following duration periods: 1 day, 30 day, 90 day and 1 year. So if you’re looking for something one off or semi-permanent, we’ve got you covered! Coloured Contacts has you and your peepers prepared for every possibility!

All our cosmetic crow contact lenses come in a sealed case with eye-safe solution, keeping them in ultimate condition until you’re ready to pop ‘em in!

So, shop with one of the largest retailers of non-prescription fashion lenses online.